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Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

Last year's cocktails post seems long enough ago to start a new separate one with this year's recipes. I love a cocktail, but I rarely follow recipes though and enjoy making things up a bit as I go with little or no planning. So here are a few of my recent inventions... Rosalie I tried… Continue reading Making Stuff 17: Cocktails 2021

2019 gin collection
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Making stuff 3b: gin bottling time (2019)

The gin and fruit and sugar has been steeping for about 6 weeks now (see annual gin, jam, and chutney marathon). So I'm ready to put it into bottles. I've got Kilner bottles that I accumulated at car boots and emptied of gin over the last year, plus a pack of small one to fill… Continue reading Making stuff 3b: gin bottling time (2019)