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Climate Change Collective Post 10: How green spaces help our planet

The wonderful Krista has shared the tenth post in the series being run by the Climate Change Collective.

…. in recent years we’ve also been experiencing more and hotter days than I ever remember in the place I’ve lived my whole life. The data agrees that we are indeed seeing changes in our usual patterns.

Though the underlying cause of these events can be at least partially linked to climate change, strategic management of our green spaces on an individual level as well as larger scales can work against climate change, as well as help to mitigate escalating impacts of it.

Read the rest of Krista’s post How green spaces help our planet to benefit from her advice about how to choose experiences with less impact on our beautiful planet.

My thoughts

I’ve seen posts like this on social media a few times over the years (I haven’t fact checked them until now, I know some aren’t direct comparisons but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t illustrate a genuine phenomenon):

It seems to make sense, though, more shade would be cooler for the direct local environment. More trees will always help convert CO2 to O2 and thus have a reducing influence on global warming. Whether the relatively small number of trees that this picture shows would have a significant impact is questionable. But imagine adding this many trees to most streets – then it could make a huge difference.

Love from Smell xxx

8 thoughts on “Climate Change Collective Post 10: How green spaces help our planet”

  1. There seem to be fewer trees on the streets where I live, the council has been removing them. We definitely need more, everywhere. Thanks for linking

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  2. You are so right about the changes in temperature due to global warming. I am not even looking forward to the heat this coming Summer. Jamaican is already experiencing scorching temperatures and it’s not even Summer yet. I think this is due to ever-increasing housing development across the island which has sacrificed a lot of green spaces and trees. Thanks for shedding light on the importance of greenery.

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  3. Green spaces are so important for our planet – and also for our mental and emotional well being! I love seeing front gardens (in the UK in particular) filled with shrubs and flowers instead of being paved over. The temperature comparison was also interesting!

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