Why men’s clothes are better?

I have this pair of jeans that I can’t throw away. I’ve had them for about 18 years, they were from Next in a size 10 (even though I was and am usually an 8) in the “boyfriend” style. Back then, “boyfriend” meant baggy and these have double back pockets and a hook thingy that workmen usually hang a hammer from. They used to sit right on my hips, as was the fashion in 2005, but now I’ve thickened a bit they’re more on my waist as that’s the size now that my hips used to be. I’ve worn those jeans so much and love them dearly. The denim is soft and smooth. They were always a bit too long but had a deep hem, so I turned them up outwards, quickly wearing through the back of the turn up as it rubbed my shoes or still touched the floor. A few years ago the left knee split from crawling round on the floor with the kids. Then, last summer the right thigh started to split too. The end was clearly nigh, so I started to look for a replacement pair.

“Boyfriend” jeans don’t seem to be the same style any more and baggy jeans are massively baggy. I struggled looking on the internet. Eventually, I went back to Next in the hope of finding something similar.

And that’s where this post starts….


I went to Next looking for new super-comfy sloppy jeans. In the ladies’ section, I found skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, straight jeans, all about £35. Then I found a gorgeous soft pair of dark indigo quite wide legged jeans, at £55 it was more than I wanted to spend but if they would last 18 years like the last pair it would be worth it. I tried them on. They were standard length, I’m about 5’4″ so short is usually too short. The jeans were 6 inches too long, absolutely massive. There was nothing else even close to what I wanted.

Then, a light bulb moment happened and I climbed the stairs to the men’s section. I reckoned a 28 in waist in short might be the right size. I quickly found a pair and noticed that although they were soft, the denim was much thicker and more hard wearing than the ladies’ pair I’d liked. I tried them on, just what a wanted. I’m a fairly boyish shape which probably helped – I’m not curvy and while I do have hips, they’re relatively small for my size. I pondered the question: was it ridiculous to buy myself men’s jeans? They were £35, so much more reasonable than the stupidly long pair I’d tried on downstairs. I’m not someone who is particularly girly, but I’m not unfeminine and consider myself a cis woman. I bit the bullet and bought myself men’s jeans.

And, you know what? They’re amazing! They’re comfortable, the right length, I feel like they’ll last forever, they don’t cut or dig in. And oh the pockets! They’re deep, actually big enough for my phone to fit without half poking out. I mean, just look:

But why on earth aren’t women’s jeans made like that? Don’t we need pockets and durability, and non-stupid prices just as much as guys?

I’ve been wearing them for almost a year and they’re still fabulous. I don’t think anyone’s noticed or questioned that I might be wearing men’s clothes (who cares if they do anyway).


Next up… why can’t you buy women’s sports socks as easily as men’s? Himself wears sports socks all the time, large boy has just switched to them. I’ve been struggling with running socks for a while. I have surprisingly chunky calves, they’re my problem area, they’re massive. That means that when I run, ankle socks are tight enough that, as I get warm and swell slightly, they pinch and I get pins and needles in my feet. I bought tiny anklet running socks with no top hem and they’re better, but super expensive. So, after large boy swapped to sports socks, I thought I’d try some. Could I find any for women? Nope!

In the end, I bought some boys’ size 5-7 white socks (so they don’t get confused with large boy’s black ones). They’re wonderful, they come halfway up my calves, don’t pinch, don’t fall down and don’t cause pins and needles. Now why can’t I buy some from the women’s section of the shops?

Tee shirts for sleeping

I love a baggy tee shirt for sleeping. Over the years, I’ve borrowed them from himself many times. Women’s pyjama tops tend to be waist length or sometimes knee length (usually with some twee cartoon character). I prefer something that covers my bum, but isn’t around my legs. I run hot at night, so don’t want to overheat but also don’t want a draft around my waist. Pyjamas seem to cost and arm and a leg, even supermarket ones are £20. So, I buy men’s size small tee shirts and they’re perfect and maybe £5 a pop (less if I keep my eye out for sales).

Again, why do women have to pay more money for less material and less practicality?

Lounge shorts

Working from home in the summer, I just want to be cool. Smart is irrelevant, especially below the waist. Himself bought some lounge shorts a few years ago and I was so envious. You can’t buy the same thing for women. You can buy clothing intended for the same purpose, but they’re bum-cheek-skimmingly short. I don’t know about you, but that’s just not comfortable for me. I don’t want a wedgy sitting at my desk. I don’t want the piping round the edge digging in. I don’t want my wobbly thighs on display if I have to answer the front door. So, once more, I bought men’s size XS and they’re amazing. They have pockets for a start, plus a drawstring waist band so they fit perfectly, and they reach my knees, not thick jogger material but lighter weight jersey. I’m sure I could find something like that for women, but probably at three times the cost.

It’s not fair

See, it’s just not fair! Why can’t I buy the clothes that I want without having to break the social barrier of buying clothes intended for another gender?

What clothes do you love that aren’t intended for you?

I’ll be honest, being quite slim and short, so I buy kids clothes too sometimes. I’ve got two Christmas dresses in age 13.

What unusually clothes do you love, even if other people might think it’s a bit odd?

Love from Smell xxx

15 thoughts on “Why men’s clothes are better?”

  1. Kevin always quarrels about my clothes not having pockets especially my jeans 😂 I’ve opted to borrow socks from Kevin because I have one pair and finding socks to fit me are either hard to find or very expensive.

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  2. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about men’s clothing. Most of my sweat pants and hoodies are from the men’s department because the women’s section has little to nothing that fits or is in any way comfortable. I am teetering on the fence about wearing men’s boxer briefs too 🙂 (only kind of kidding). Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Yes, men’s clothes are better because they are comfortable. They make you look not-so-stylish and feminine. But they are very comfortable and breezy. It can afford to wear feminine clothes during this hot weather.

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  4. I also find that the quality (and often price) of men’s clothing is much better than women’s and it really annoys me. I can’t really wear men’s stuff as my shape and size doesn’t really fit the cut but if I do happen to find something in the men’s section that does work I am all for getting it.

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  5. I like dressing in different colors of clothing that do not match well with each other. I know there are some social norms of not looking too odd, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

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  6. My eldest daughter only shops in the men’s section. She loves baggy t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. Turns out the men’s clothes are cheaper than the woman’s too! I bought my youngest some cargo pants from the men’s section for about £14 an almost identical pair in the ladies section cost £22! I have found boys school trousers more hardwearing than girls too, they have toughened knees. My girl has been wearing boys trousers to school for the last couple of years and no one can tell. lol

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  7. It is maddening why men’s clothes are cheaper. Nice work pushing the boundaries to find what works for you! On a related note, I remember back when I climbed a lot, my calves were huge and my right calf more than the left. It was hard to find boots that would fit — and sometimes they’d fit the left but not the right. I had to give up. 🙂

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  8. Once home from work I am in shorts and tank top, even in the winter. Going out is just sweats and hoodie. Most people find it odd that I am so casual but I like comfort so much more than I do about looking like a fashion plate. 🙂

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