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Oh the dust!

Just a quick one today as there remains an excess of lifey stuff going on here. The builders are getting on with making big holes into which to pour concrete for pads to support, well, most of the house. Today they were cutting through the cement subfloor of the hall. And oh the dust!

I was working in my office which is off the hall and realised breathing was getting interesting, opened my door wide and the clouds of dust swirled around. It was everywhere, seeping under the hardboard divider between where the builders are working and the rest of the house.

I rushed upstairs and closed all the doors, opened the front door and my office window and waited for it to settle. And wow did it settle!

After work and fetching the kids from school, I vacuumed most of the house. The hall carpet is getting ripped out, but I had left tracks through it and didn’t want to drag dust through everywhere else.

Anyway, here’s the scene of devastation halfway through vacuuming and what is left of my old kitchen and dining room.

Love from Smell xxx

5 thoughts on “Oh the dust!”

  1. We had a basement renovation once and I thought the dust would NEVER end – then when it was finished it was so wonderful we forgot about the dust instantly it seems! Hope it goes quickly for you!


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