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Changes, disturbances, a whirlpool

of disruption.

Normal life a distant memory.

Temporary solutions,

barely getting by.

Vacillating between the challenges

and spinning all the plates,

nothing’s broken,


Whenever people have asked me “how’s it going” lately, my response has been “there’s a lot of life going on right now”. If you follow my Instagram, you might have spotted that we’re doing some work on our house – an extension and moving lots of walls around inside. We’re almost 4 weeks into a 15 week (hopefully) less renovation. The builders are fabulous; efficient, committed and tidy, but we know nothing about what they’re doing. This inevitably leads to a bit of anxiety and lots of questions bouncing back and forth between himself and me in in the evenings. Add to that large boy and his “unmentionable” leg, small boy having a sickness bug, various (millions of) school activities, summer rugby training, all the financial stuff related to the building work, Cubs and Scouts, holiday organization, new secondary school investigations, rugby admin for me, work travel for himself, car dramas (more than the disaster in January), stupid ass new rules for school drop off, and work just being as hectic as usual, and you get turmoil at the least.

Himself and I are both feeling pretty near to the edge of what we can cope with. Running has taken a back seat for me, because all the other life stuff needs sorting out. I haven’t seen my friends in weeks. Himself is run ragged with his commute on top of everything else. We know that, in the end, it’ll be amazing and some of the background stuff will just resolve itself in time, but right now life is almost a bit much. At some point I fear we’re going to drop one of the balls.

Love from Smell xxx

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