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Turning point

This is the second post I’ve started this evening. The first one, I was just rounding off when large boy came to sit next to me. He peeked over my shoulder and objected that I was mentioning an argument we had last week.

Since my very point that I had been making was that I had misjudged a situation and not paid him the respect he deserves, it would be totally hypocritical for me to go ahead and share the post he asked me not to.

Indeed, he’d rather I didn’t write about him at all. So I’ve got a couple more posts in my “year 6 horrors” series and then I’ll be backing off writing about large boy except for his annual birthday posts or if he gives me special permission.

He’s 11, has whatsapp and if he’s going to have a social media presence sometime soonish, I have to take that into account in my writing. I’ve never shared pictures of the boys on here or on my Instagram, but he’s asked me not to write about him either. So this is the last one.

Love you large boy, so much that I’m respecting your wishes.

Love from Smell xxx

10 thoughts on “Turning point”

  1. It’s really good to read about your son being able to set his own boundaries with you (and that you respect that) as that shows what a lovely relationship you nurture with him. I don’t have children but like Michelle mentioned in her comment, I have a husband who deliberately has little to no online presence and so I don’t share much about him (unless he gives permission). A good reminder for us all to check we are being respectful of others!

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  2. Dropping my 11-year-old off at school (on the occasions when he leaves it too late to walk!), I’m apparently so embarrassing that I now have to park at least three streets away. So respecting his wishes is actually saving me petrol money!

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  3. I’ve loved reading your stories about your boys but you’re doing the right thing respecting his wishes. It is hard to know how much to share. My girls rarely read my blog but they know about it and they don’t worry too much about what I say about them—probably because they were older when I started blogging. Funnily enough, my older daughter’s roommate told me a couple of weeks ago that he reads my blog posts all the time so I’d better be careful what I say about her. My husband has no online presence so I share very little about him. It’s a tricky balance.

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