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Year 6 Horrors: 3 The Drama

I’ve decided to document large boy’s journey through his year 6 experiences with a series of posts sharing a tongue in cheek assessment of what it’s like having a 10 or 11 year old child.

The Drama

Oh the drama! Sooooo much drama and we’re only at the start of the pre-teen phase.

Every time there’s the least perceived injustice, we hear all about it.

Teachers who didn’t resolve an argument about a football fairly. The PE staff who split the class by gender and that’s sexist. The best mate who got cross about Fortnite. The girls who got into an actual physical fight.

I won’t even go into the social media drama that seems to be never-ending too.

Whatever drama is going on, or sometimes several drama, we hear all about it in extreme detail. I’m actually really glad he’s talking to us about what’s going on. I’m sure it won’t last forever. We’re doing our best to listen and sympathise with the trials for being 11. He’s suddenly got this social life and loads of chat to share about it, he’s finding his feet as part of a community in his own right, populated by a group of children who are all also navigating the same new experiences.

But blimey, sometimes it’s a mountain out of a molehill, or even Everest out of a chunk of mud off a welly boot.

Pre-teen parent’s prayer

Grant me the calm to keep a sense of proportion, the patience to listen to their woes, and the wisdom to help my child to stay kind, always. 

Your advice?

Please, please! Share your advice on managing the dramatic explosions of a pre-teen.

Love from Smell xxx

7 thoughts on “Year 6 Horrors: 3 The Drama”

    1. YouTube has been blocked here, both the app and the website. I think part of the drama is flexing their status as the big fish in a small pond and when they become the small fish next year it’ll feel much less powerful to them.


  1. I can’t help you.
    I had four teenagers at once.
    Then I had another four teenagers(grandkids)
    There should be a law about that happening.
    It went by in a blur.
    They all survived so I must have done something right!

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  2. Oh boy. I really don’t miss those days. As you point out, it’s good that your son is talking to you. I think the best you can do is create a safe space for him so he’ll keep talking and try to encourage him to look at the drama from different perspectives. Good luck Smell!

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