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Climate Change Collective Post 8: Six Ways to Reduce the Environmental Cost of Experiences

The wonderful Michelle, founding leader of the collective, has shared the eighth post in the series being run by the Climate Change Collective.

We’ve been hearing for years that younger generations prefer experiences to material possessions. Fuelled by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and YOLO (You Only Live Once), millennials in particular show a definite thirst for experiences. Newer research, however, reveals it’s not just millennials who feel that way. A global study by market research firm GfK shows the preference for experiences crosses generations and international boundaries.
In reality, there are environmental costs associated with both goods and services. In some cases, replacing physical goods with experiences may increase our carbon footprint.

Read the rest of Michelle’s post 6 ways to reduce the environmental cost of experiences to benefit from her advice about how to choose experiences with less impact on our beautiful planet.

Love from Smell xxx

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