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Foxes and rabbits

Just a short one today. I wanted to share how much small boy and I have been enjoying Wild Isles with David Attenborough.

He’s loved the golden eagles and mason bees, the starlings and orca. The night cameras showing the foxes and rabbits were particularly impressive.

What’s been really lovely is watching him absolutely entranced and absorbed by the unusual and familiar beauties of British nature. He’s so involved and keeps adding little extra facts that he’s picked up here and there. He’s a big nonfiction lover and devours fact books, science, nature, anything he can lay his hands on. I swear he’d read an encyclopedia by starting at the beginning and just reading every page until he got to the end.

Anyway, we’ve loved the series so far. What have you favourite bits been?

Love from Smell xxx

5 thoughts on “Foxes and rabbits”

  1. It’s a wonderful watch, and more attention grabbing than usual because it’s set in the UK. I loved the starlings sequence.

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