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Start of an era

Last summer I wrote about large boy’s last meeting at Cubs. He started Scouts a few weeks later and has been loving it.

Now, though, we’re back to having a Cub in the house. Small boy finished Beavers last Monday and swiftly moved on to his first Cubs meeting on Wednesday.

I sincerely hope that this doesn’t herald the advent of another pandemic. Large boy was invested in March 2020 and we promptly went into lockdown. He didn’t attend another Cubs meeting for eighteen months.

Small boy loved Beavers, completed every badge he had the opportunity to work on, including all the challenges and his Bronze Chief Scout’s Award.

He’s moved up to Cubs with excitement and enthusiasm, and four of his friends from Beavers. These aren’t children who are at school with him. One he knew a bit at nursery four years ago, but otherwise these are purely his scouting buddies. That’s one of my favourite things about scouting, the meeting new people and making new friends.

He’s so excited to be going on hikes, camping, learning knots, lighting fires, putting up tents, facing some fears, singing campfire songs, making wooden things, learning how to make me a cup of coffee I hope, and so many more things.

Small boy loved Beavers, he just had so much fun and the leaders were just awesome. We gave them each a homegrown money tree to say thank you for everything because they were the same people who’d lead the group when large boy was a Beaver, a long time ago now.

So it’s the start of a new era.

Love from Smell xxx

10 thoughts on “Start of an era”

  1. Cubs and scouts wasn’t something I was that aware of and my kids showed no interest when they were younger. It sounds like a great way of learning new things and meeting new people though.
    I’m sure small boy will love it just as much as he did Beavers.

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