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RED January 2023 Review

Well RED January is over again. I quite like to look back and reflect on how I coped and what I achieved.

My efforts

1 Jan 20235.10km30.03minGot wet, felt good
2 Jan 20235.74km33.48minNew shoes rubbed
3 Jan 20233.25km20.07minRain started half way round, got wet
4 Jan 20233.66km23.49minBleugh
5 Jan 20233.29km20.57minLess bleugh
6 Jan 202311.01km1h09.37minMassive puddle avoidance
7 Jan 20233.26km19.29minNew shoes better, but muddy
8 Jan 20233.82km21.21minNothing special
9 Jan 20234.52km27.26minDifferent puddle, not avoided, sodden feet
10 Jan 20233.25km19.45minMuddy feet again
11 Jan 20235.14km31.47minBlue skies
12 Jan 20233.82km20.52minFeeling good
13 Jan 202311.45km1h08.23minFast 5km, then flood, then shoes sore again
14 Jan 20233.67km21.11minDifferent news shoes, Brooks FTW!
15 Jan 20233.15km19.20minEarly and short before rugby
16 Jan 20234.30km26.12minRebellious legs
17 Jan 20233.28km20.01minGetting colder
18 Jan 20236.03km37.44minSnow!
19 Jan 20233.27km20.56minMore snow
20 Jan 202314.41km1h34.18minStill snowy, didn’t fall over
21 Jan 20234.03km22.31minSnow gone, still cold
22 Jan 20236.32km35.52minBeautiful sunrise
23 Jan 20233.29km19.50minFirst daffodil
24 Jan 20233.65km20.51minGetting faster
25 Jan 20234.34km24.16minZoomie! and a PB segment
26 Jan 20236.05km36.29minMeasuring distances by telegraph poles to motivate myself
27 Jan 202311.27km1h25.33minBig hill, very foggy, then glorious
28 Jan 20233.24km18.25minSpeedy again
29 Jan 202310.06km1h04minEyes on the prize for metres climbed in January
30 Jan 20233.30km20.43minClimbing challenge achieved
31 Jan 20233.82km22.54minDone!
TOTAL166.9km18hours2066m climbed, total distance includes a NYD walk.

How it felt

Hmm I don’t think I paid quite as much attention to how it was going or feeling this year compared to last year. In 2022, I was fighting fit when I started RED January, so it was all about clocking the miles and getting even fitter. This year, it was all about just getting out there every day. Sure I wanted to hit 100km, but that was my only real goal. I just wanted to not get sick again and to feel like recovery was in sight. Large boy got a cold the last Friday of the month, so I spent a worried few days thinking I was sure to catch it too. Sometime in the final week I checked my progress on Strava challenges and realised that a run up our big hill and another decent climb would take me over the 2000m mark, which is almost unheard of for me. I knew I wouldn’t get to the 200km distance this year, so the climbing got my focus those last few days.

The really key thing about RED January for me is that it keeps me busy, focused, and full of endorphins as we slide towards January 31st – the anniversary of baby boy3 being born. I always do a long run as close to that date as I can, or else a big challenge run. Last year I managed 23km. This year I settled for a climb up the big hill near us on Friday 27th. It was foggy, and I took some time to reflect on grief. RED January and Mind in Sport are all about keeping our mental health from being overwhelmed by our troubles, through exercise. It certainly serves that purpose for me.

If you’d like to see some pictures from my runs over January 2023, pop by Instagram:

Smelly Socks Highlights: RED January 2023

Love from Smell xxx

9 thoughts on “RED January 2023 Review”

  1. That’s the first time I heard of RED January, but it looks impressive what you did. It’s also important to pace it correctly in order to stay fit to make it to that final goal. Great job.

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