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Snowy Scenes

I’m going for the lazy route in today’s post.

We’ve had snow this last week in the North West of England. Not particularly unusual, there’s often a white few days at this time of year and compared to many places the snow quantity is fairly trivial.

However, it’s infrequent enough that both the infrastructure and the individuals are never prepared. The gritters have been, but no ploughs and the side roads don’t get gritted. No one has winter tyres or the confidence to drive in the snow. So it’s a big deal to many.

The boys’ school was closed on Thursday; just as they were in hats, coats and shoes ready to leave a text message came through, all caps and shouty. Their first snow day in a lot of years, if ever. Only 2-3 inches, but several teachers couldn’t get into school and the site is at the bottom of some steep hills so there was worry about people being able to get home later in the day too.

Once again, the curse of the working mum struck. No sledging for my pair. No decadent hot chocolates after building snowmen. Nope, a brief snowball fight on their own in the garden, then lego, K’nex, TV and video games while I struggled through back to back meetings almost all day. My lovely cleaner came despite the snow (she’s only round the corner) and watched them for 30mins so I could do my RED January run. By the time I was done for the day it was dark again. Poor deprived boys! (Don’t think they mind really, but I’d love to take them sledging sometime.)

Anyway, here are my pretty snow pictures. It’s been beautiful but inconvenient as usual.

Love from Smell xxx

15 thoughts on “Snowy Scenes”

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. After the blizzard of Christmas Eve, all our snow has melted and I look out my front window and see green grass. It’s not unusual for us to have a January thaw, but the grass is usually a yucky shade of brown, not green. Yet another sign of the climate change that many deny. There is snow in the forecast for this week, though. Hopefully that will at least brighten up our landscape.

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