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New Schedule

Towards the end of last year, I shared that I was feeling generally fed up and uninspired about blogging. Lots of lovely people shared their sympathy and suggested a break – which I duly took over the festive season.

I’ve been thinking (and avoiding thinking) about this blog and its future for several months now. I absolutely do not want to stop, I love the community and the wonderful people I know from the blogging work. However, I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for what to write and I started my blog primarily as an outlet for my random thoughts. It’s meant to be a stream of consciousness therapeutic tool for me more than anything else. Feeling a duty to be productive (even if that’s mainly a duty to myself) is definitely not how I want it to be.

So, my first strategy for getting back to my roots with blogging is to change my schedule. So often I find myself on a Thursday or Monday with no post for the next day and rushing to throw something together. Instead of the Tuesday and Friday posts I’ve been doing for the last year or so, I’m going to switch to Saturday and Monday. That fits better with my day off on a Friday, when there is actually a chance that I’ll have time to write down what’s on my mind.

This is my first Wednesday post then. I hope you’ll stick with me and keep reading.

Love from Smell xxx

17 thoughts on “New Schedule”

  1. For this year I switched my schedule up too and now only post every Wednesday; it’s more manageable and it gives me the time I need to be creative and keep the love I have for my blog alive. So glad you’re adapting and finding a way to stick around!

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  2. I totally get where you are. I have found myself under pressure, purely by me, to write and to get likes. However, it was becoming a disappointing drag to me. But I do love reading and commenting on blogs and love the idea. My strengths are in performing, so I have shifted my surreal ideas to video instead. I think it is better as what I write in my blog can be misrepresented in a different voice. Do what feels right for you, and be you in the process. I wish you well for 2023.

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  3. Adapting to loss of professional identity, nation and language (I retired from being a missionary in Taiwan in 2018), I took to the blog. Some days I posted more than 3 “random thoughts and reflections.” NOBODY needed that much of me all at once. When I learned how to schedule things for later release, I grabbed that freedom and wrote with abandon, scheduling things for future days. Eventually my adaptation took hold and I began writing songs, which I scheduled out for future daily release. I think I’ve got them stacked up through Easter in April now, one per day. Each is original, has accompaniment, and comes with a picture.

    What “learning to schedule” did for me was free me from the “deadline” mentality I had fallen into. It also freed me to write lots of stuff when the mood struck.

    One difference between your blogging and mine is that you get responses. Mine just go out into the void.

    Hang in there. You have much of value to share, and it’s most often very enjoyable.

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