A Friday story

A few weeks ago, I had a Friday that was a VERY busy day. I didn’t manage to squeeze in even the shortest run.

I’m sharing this to illustrate the mental load, and overload, that falls on us sometimes. I fear mums experience this more than dads perhaps. I’m sure that’s not true in every case, but between me and my friends it’s certainly the common family set up. We’re juggling so many things all at once, I’m not saying himself doesn’t do lots too, just that sometimes it’s too much.


Got kids up, fed, practised spellings, remembered clarinet, demoistured car before loading them in and got them to school on time.

Picked up new glasses and finally got through to someone on the phone about a planning issue we’ve been trying to chase for weeks. Sorted out very strange work voucher to pay for part of new glasses.

Home and picked up shopping stuff, put on a load of washing. Did a quick Amazon order for himself’s Christmas idea I just had.

Went to running shop and chose some new trainers for my Christmas, snuck in a pair of socks. Then onto the big massive Tesco nearby instead of my normal-sized local one.

Fueled truck, very pleased it was 9p cheaper the garage nearest home. Bought some stocking fillers for the kids, a dress for me (age 13, boy-shaped body for the win!) and did my weekly shop. Picked up some stuff for large boy’s birthday party coming up.

Back home, found Amazon parcels waiting for me. Unpacked everything and put it all away. Ticked things off Christmas lists that have arrived. Put cards into advent calendar ready for next week. Unloaded washing and hung it out. Got out the dubbin and treated my best boots (see picture).

Took photos of two old bikes we want to see. Oiled one bike’s chain and inflated all the tyres. Posted pictures and descriptions on Facebook selling groups.

Noticed email about campsite booking for Le Mans next year. Paid deposit! Read email from himself about getting a solicitor to help with our planning issue. Read school newsletter and notice it’s non uniform dress like and elf next Friday, WTAF?

Went to pick kids up, sent large boy back for his clarinet (it’s a weekly ritual at this point). Managed to catch the mum of the one boy who hasn’t RSVP’d for large boy’s birthday, he hadn’t taken the invite home or told her. Set off for the library, massive traffic jam, large boy realised he’d forgotten his homework folder. Have a nice chat about what they’d done at school. Provided advice about the girl blackmailing year 3s to do what she wants by threatening to tell their secrets. Listened to small boy’s reason for wanting to have his best friend for Christmas (as a gift, not to spend the day). Tried to track down possible locations for large boy’s spelling book. Made it to the library, swang past cash machine and picked up the 4 held books for large boy. Went back to school the other way, even more massive traffic jam heading into town. Had a chat with his very confused after school club staff who couldn’t understand why I was at the door when they hadn’t got my children, rescued homework. Then decided to go home down the back lanes. Entrance to the back lane claimed there was a diversion but the road closed sign was turned over, risked it, managed not to scrape car on hedges or cars coming the other way.

Dropped large boy at chippie to pick up his tea. Got home, unpacked school bags, himself got home followed by large boy. Messaged the mum about the birthday invitation that never made it home. They ate dinner while I explained the phone call from first thing to himself. Then kids got into swimming trunks while himself and I conferred on the best deal on a phone for large boy’s birthday.

Tried to leave for swimming, reminded small boy to put socks on before leaving the house, checked for swimming trunks. Shouted about all the lights being left on. Swimming, small boy came out for a poo half way through. Both of them seemed to take ages getting dressed. On the way home, realised we haven’t even talked to large boy about his birthday cake – thankfully he only wanted an M&S chocolate cake.

Back home again, himself had fetched takeaway so it was our dinner time. Then towels went on radiators before swimming again tomorrow. Cuddled on the sofa with small boy, large boy read in front of football. Dealt with emails about new phone for large boy. Helped large boy log into Scratch and then made him put tablet away before bedtime.

Sofa, football (eugh), gin would have be nice but couldn’t extract myself from sofa and blanket.

What I didn’t do

  • Run
  • Write any blog posts
  • See or speak to any friends
  • Vacuum
  • Play computer games, my usual veg out activity
  • Any rugby admin
  • Plan anything for large boy’s birthday the next week
  • Change spare bed after visitors 2 weeks ago

Tired now. How’s things with you?

Love from Smell xxx

10 thoughts on “A Friday story”

  1. My days… what a post! That’s a very, very busy day. I have no idea how you mums do it!!! However, I was particularly intrigued by the girl blackmailing year 3’s to do what she’s wants by threatening to tell their secrets heheh! The devious little mare.

    I hope you and the family are well Smelly. Sending love and here’s to a brilliant 23 for all of you. Happy New Year. Lots of love T.B.C xxx

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