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My downstairs loo smells of pee

My downstairs loo smells of pee

was it

himself, large boy, small boy, or all three?

My downstairs loo smells of pee


whatever I say, they just can’t aim.

My downstairs loo smells of pee


I sit down, the whiff comes up.

My downstairs loo smells of pee


they even leave a dribble on the seat.

My downstairs loo smells of pee


am I the only one who washes the mat?

Thoughts of a mum of boys ages 7 and a half and almost 11. Really, haven’t they learned yet to get the pee in the toilet bowl? Yet another job that no one else notices needs doing and so I’m the only one who does it.

Terrible poem, constructed in my head when I sat down for a quick bio break between meetings. I hope it’s not relatable and you don’t encounter the same ickiness.

Love from Smell xxx

13 thoughts on “My downstairs loo smells of pee”

  1. That’s was an interesting and funny read. But also a gentle reminder to us men that sitting is also an option. Or at least put the seat down. I’m not sure if going to the toilet will ever be the same for me after this gem.

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  2. A couple years ago I stayed in a college guest house in Taiwan for two weeks. Though I aimed well, the loo always had the same scent you describe. It turns out that the toilet bowl had a very low tank, and flushed by running the water through at the bottom (rather from up under the rim.) Whatever landed on the inside of the bowl never got rinsed. It got rather powerful before I discovered the source of the problem.

    In your case, I can see the bad aim and reluctance to clean the mat. I hope you find a solution as easy as mine was.

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