Cucumbers and cats

Apologies in advance for the brief post. Himself has buggered off on a work trip and the kids have three million activities this week and I’m travelling next week. So yeah, writing anything meaningful is a stretch.

Large boy came out with what I thought was absolute gibberish at tea time:

Then he said that feeding cats cucumbers is a meme and Graham at Middle Age Fanclub confirmed it.

Yeah so that’s how I’m spending my evening while himself is away. Watching cats jump out of their skins at the sight of cucumbers.

What else am I missing in the world of popular kids YouTube junk?

Love from Smell xxx

15 thoughts on “Cucumbers and cats”

  1. A short but impactful post, at least in making life brighter and also by showing how much we can learn from children. The main thing here is their curiosity. It doesn’t always have to be life changing. Light-hearted, fun, but encouraging to learn and discover. Great post, it made my day more fun and informative. Please keep sharing his discoveries of the world.

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