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Climate Change Collective Post 2: Understanding How Climate Action Redefines Our Future

The wonderful Molly from Transatlantic Notes has shared the second post in the series being run by the Climate Change Collective.

The decisions we make now will impact our future; a reality we likely can all understand because we’ve experienced this within our personal lives. We frequently make choices based on how to positively influence where we’re headed and/or mitigate any potential adversity. It’s much the same when it comes to global warming — what we decide to do today has a ripple effect on whether or not we alleviate or magnify the disruption and damage that climate change brings. 

How we see ourselves in relation to this chain of cause and effect on Earth’s ecosystems is all important; too many people still think environmental action can wait because of a mistaken belief that the consequences of climate change are not being felt — or that humans are somehow separated from nature in a way that insulates us from climate breakdown. Failing to recognize we represent an integral part of the natural world means we overlook our influence and can ignore our responsibilities. The relationship between humans and Earth’s ecology is inextricably interconnected; the quality and continuance of life rely on balance and reciprocity — it always has. 

Read on here to see what Molly has to say…. Understanding How Climate Action Redefines Our Future.

Personally, I loved Molly’s perspective. She’s looking at climate change through a lens that isn’t often examined – that of the indigenous approach to seeing our relationship with the natural world as key, and instinctively understanding the cause and effect impact our behaviour has on the environment.

I highly recommend you head over to Transatlantic Notes to read the full article, there’s more on Monarch butterflies and fossil fuels too.

Love from Smell xxx

7 thoughts on “Climate Change Collective Post 2: Understanding How Climate Action Redefines Our Future”

  1. Love this post, thank you. It’s no coincidence that the world started healing when we all got locked down. Now, as I sit in the UK, you would think the pandemic never happened. Humans do not learn. Sadly.

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  2. Thanks for raising awareness of this. It’s all too easy to let our own habits slide because we can’t see how we fit into the big picture. Great to see you in the link up again!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post and for being a part of this collective (I love our group; so many interesting and important perspectives). I hope that your readers and mine (and all/any that come across our collective) will find interesting new ideas and perspectives and find actions they can take!

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