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Looking back on our holiday

So we’ve arrived at the grey middle of September. I can hardly believe that it’s over a month since we returned from our long awaited holiday in France. We took all the stuff, and didn’t need some of it.

We had an amazing time though. I ate all the cheese and patisseries, sat in the sun, read loads, and spoke lots of French (which always makes me happy).

Anyway, here are some highlights.

The food

The sunsets

The landscapes

The buildings

And all the other stuff…

But I don’t post pictures of the boys on here, so you’ll just have to imagine all that amazing things we got up to.

How about you?

Are you longing to be back on holiday? Or still basking in the relief of kids back at school? Have you got a trip planned?

Tell me! I need some vicarious holidaying.

Love from Smell xxx

7 thoughts on “Looking back on our holiday”

  1. Fabulous pictures. We just had our last holiday of the year (Lake District) but I’ve already booked again for spring plus Greece for June, and it give me joy to think of them during winter!

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