No post today

I usually do a post on a Friday.

Today, I had something to write, but then the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced last night.

I’m sure there will be lots of tributes and posts mourning her passing, but I’m not jumping onto that thread. I’m just going to take a day off.

The Queen was roughly the same age as my grandma. So, I’m reflecting on how lucky I am to have my grandma and thinking of the royal family at their time of loss.

Love from Smell xxx

4 thoughts on “No post today”

  1. No matter how people feel about the Royals, the Queen was a remarkable lady. She was the same age as my auntie who passed away last year. I saw a lot of similarities between them over the years. I think anyone who has lived that long has seen so much and has abundant wisdom that we can learn from. It’s a shame the world doesn’t seem to value the wisdom of age any more.

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