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I ought to be…

I ought to be blogging but I’m playing Lego Star Wars

I ought to be working but I’m doing the laundry

I ought to be reading for my leadership training but I’m absorbed in detectives

I ought to be running but I’m working through lunch time

I ought to be making dinner but I’m hugging my kids

I ought to be calling my friends but I’m vegging out with TV

I ought to be fetching the kids from school but I’m stuck in a meeting

I ought to be sleeping but I’m awake in the night again

I ought to be planning back to school but I’m focusing on today

I ought to be cleaning but I just can’t be arsed

I ought to be gardening but rain is enough

I ought to be parenting but I’m letting the digital babysitters rule

I ought be romantic but I’m having an early night again

I ought to be baking and preserving and blogging and enriching and supporting and kissing and collaborating and plotting and gossiping and designing and tidying…. but I’m playing candy crush instead.

Love from Smell xxx

6 thoughts on “I ought to be…”

  1. I think you ought to be doing exactly whatever it is you are doing in the moment Smells, but I’m sure you know that from the ironic slant of this post. I enjoyed reading it as I often feel the same way, but it’s so relaxing to shrug off the ought to and shoulds and just enjoy – so enjoy!

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