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Plank Challenge Time

I’ve come back from holiday (did I mention we went on holiday? we left the country and everything! I mighthavebeengoingon aboutthata bit, sorry) having eaten all the cheese and ice cream and chocolate. This means that running is hard again (because I only did a tiny bit while away, despite my best intentions) and my belly is floppy and my jeans don’t fit. I’ve put on almost 10lb, in 2 weeks! whoops!

By the way, for lots of pictures, visit #smellysocksgoestofrance on Instagram.

I don’t really mind the numbers or even that I’m a bit more curvy than usual. However, my jeans are really uncomfortable. So, I’m going to stop eating custard creams at 2am (managed 1 night out of the 4 we’ve been home so far). I’m going to run 3-4 times a week again (doing well at this but it hurts). And…. small boy and I are going to do the plank challenge.

Just for fun, we made our own calendar. Download it if you like! for free!

I’m sure I’ll manage the 3 minutes in 30 days (those other calendars that get you to 5 minutes are just showing off).

Anyone fancy joining us?

Love from Smell xxx

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