Truck loaded and ready to go

Stuff we didn’t need on holiday

Before we went on holiday (for lots of pictures, visit #smellysocksgoestofrance), I wrote a list of everything essential to take (and added the stuff we forgot).

We had an absolutely bloody brilliant time. This was the holiday we’d waited three years for. However, amongst the very many things we took, we did not need some of them, namely:

  • Rounders and cricket – really too hot to be running after balls, and our van was right the other end of the site from the big open space to play in.
  • Catan and monopoly – I’d forgotten how it’s foolish to play games with small pieces on a deck with gaps they can fall through and the kitchen didn’t really have enough surface space for playing big board games.
  • Sewing kit – doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea to take
  • G&T – I ended up drinking local tipples instead.
  • Inflatables – the pool didn’t allow big rubber rings and the boys decided that the lake was too stony underfoot even with water shoes, the little pebbles got through the holes. So they got used once and that was that.
  • Decaf coffee – yeah again the heat meant that coffee was only required first thing for caffeination purposes. I could have made iced decaf lattes, but didn’t.
  • Jumpers and waterproofs – the literally stayed in the back of the truck the whole 2 weeks. I wouldn’t have left them at home though, you never know!
  • A couple of pairs of my shoes – I packed a new pair of flipflops and ballet pumps but never wore them. My Birkenstock-alikes were all I used apart from bike rides and runs really.

I don’t think we did too badly really. I hate over-packing as you only have a certain amount of space and don’t want to waste it with stuff you don’t even need.

How about you?

Was there anything on my list of everything essential that you thought was ridiculous to take?

PS I will catch up on my July reading post sometime soon. Maybe on Friday. I’ve got quite a few ideas floating about but also lots to do so if the blog is a bit sporadic, apologies.

Love from Smell xxx

19 thoughts on “Stuff we didn’t need on holiday”

  1. Such a great post. I always make a travel checklist, but usually forget important things.

    It’s hilarious that the same things that stayed in the back of your car, also do I’m mine too.

    But with unpredictable UK weather, we have to plan for all eventualities!


  2. This is a list I should make more often, but I know that while packing I can always think of situations where I might need stuff. I hardly every do. Haha. Now that I’ve moved recently, I got rid of many things, so there isn’t much to pack. I’m very happy that you’ve had such a wonderful holiday!

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  3. I haven’t been on a holiday for the longest time but I did over pack a huge amount of food when I was staying at a hotel to be near the hubby when he was in hospital. I think I brought enough food to feed a family of 10; it was ridiculous, haha! It sounds like a wonderful time was had by you and your family – lovely!

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  4. I think everything has a purpose even if it doesn’t always get used, like I recent when to take care of my twin after her surgery and I brought my sushi mat, to make sushi, and never used it. I bought my tarot/oracles and playing card, while I used my tarot & oracle cards, I didn’t touch my playing cards at all. I think for me because I’m from Florida I’m okay to drink coffee in the heat, but it’s hard if your not use to it, I switched to decaf about 2 years ago when regular coffee made me get way too sleepy lol.

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