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Almost there

Are we nearly there yet?

Almost holidays

Almost the end of daily routines

Weekly clubs already over

Taxi service to sports is done with

Peace and quiet looming, stretching to the horizon


Kids off school, bored and nagging

Interruptions, requests for snacks and screen time

Organising activities and friends to play

Money leaking to cover sports camp

Reclaiming the evenings, paying with daytime distractions

When does school go back?

Lots of local schools broke up on Tuesday or even last week, some are today. We keep going until next Tuesday. That’s OK though, we had an extra week at half term.

I don’t really hate the holidays. I’m loving this last couple of weeks of school when I don’t need to remember to send extra trainers or wellies for post-school rounders and forest school, and Beavers and Scouts have finished until September. On top of that I cannot wait to finish work and go on a proper holiday in a couple of weeks.

However, when we get back we’re facing three weeks before school goes back with himself at work on site Tues-Thurs and the kids aren’t booked into anything other than one day of rugby each. They’re either going to drive me nuts, develop severe screen addictions, or I just need to give up on being productive. Or we have to book them into some holiday clubs against their will. Small boy has shunned everything we’ve suggested and large boy proclaims he’s tool old.

What are your summer plans?

Love from Smell xxx

10 thoughts on “Almost there”

  1. It’s great how you divide the views on the summer holidays. I’m not a parent, but I used to be on the other side of this story. I worked as a teacher and for us, the summer was time to get back on some energy. Great to see these different perspectives.

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    1. It’s weird that it’s both a relief and a stressor for us. My kids wish I didn’t work but don’t wish that we couldn’t afford nice holidays and meals out etc… which we couldn’t if I didn’t work. They know that the offset is holiday club and wraparound care at school, but they’d still rather not.


  2. I hope you find a way to keep the family entertained (I am sure you will)! I don’t have children so the summer is much the same as any time of year for me (and my husband). I think we’re just going to focus on keeping cool in the extreme heat, haha!

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  3. I always find it interesting that kids in England go to school until nearly the end of July. Our kids finish at the end of June and, some places in the US at the end of May. When I was a kid in England, school always ended around my birthday in mid-July. We don’t have any big plans for the summer. I had a week off in July just to putter around home. We’re off for two weeks in August, but I’m away for a conference for part of the first week.

    I definitely miss our family summer holidays now that our girls are grown up and working.

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    1. It’s interesting. My mam will tell anyone who’ll listen that when I was little I’d play for hours with a bucket of water and a mud patch and yet if I suggest it to my own kids, they look at me like I’ve lost my mind. We’re off on holiday soon and luckily for me, my wife seems to already have my summer mapped out! I mentioned watching a couple of old films today and she just replicated the look that the kids give me!

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