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My Garden 2022

I love growing veggies. I’ll never forget the first year that I grew 5 courgette plants in a sun blessed garden and a friend gave me 8 tomato plants. Himself took a long time to come back round to considering courgettes acceptable on his plate after 3 months of me sneaking them into almost every meal.

Since we moved here we’ve had less luck. The garden is North facing and there’s only a small vegetable patch. I’ve tried growing tomatoes in pots and got lots of green ones that never ripen. My butternut squash failed every year. The courgettes have done OK and I’ve discovered that cucumbers work surprisingly well.

Last year, I adjusted my ambitions and approach this year after a disappointing start in 2020 that led to an unthrilling harvest. In 2021, things started badly, had to be restarted, and resulted in a so so harvest.

This year’s gardening

I’ve taken a different approach this year. I failed to start the veggies in April so they’re really behind already. Instead, I’m focusing on flowers and herbs.

That’s not to say there aren’t any veggies in progress. I’ve got some courgettes and cucumbers under proper cloches this year. The strawberry patch is looking great as are the raspberry and blueberry bushes. Plus peas because small boy loves them, the sparrows are currently enjoyed the leaves though. He also decided that he had to sow every sunflower seed in our possession. Result 22/24 seedlings and no idea what to do with them. Anyone want a sunflower?

What are you growing this year?

Love from Smell xx

16 thoughts on “My Garden 2022”

  1. Great how you changed your approach to the gardening process. Knowing what works best is key for all things living. I haven’t had a garden for years, but I’m at my parent’s place for a little while and it so green and flowery here, it’s amazing. Good luck with the plants.

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  2. Beautiful flowers. We also have several dozen sunflowers growing. Except I didn’t think and we just planted them all between two pots. We either need to divide them up soon – or leave it to survival of the fittest!


  3. The flowers are looking great. I’ve not grown anything for a couple of years. I’m currently trying to keep a supermarket pot of fresh basil alive. That’s about my gardening limit!

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  4. My tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are coming along nicely. The green and yellow beans got a late start because the ground was too wet. I’ve given up on peas because we’ve never had any luck with them.

    Your flowers are beautiful. We’ve also planted sunflowers which are off to a good start. The geraniums and coleus I started from seed indoors aren’t looking too brilliant, but the marigolds are looking good.

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  5. It sounds like you are doing so well in your garden. Your flowers are looking beautiful, mine are just starting to grow.
    My strawberry plants are doing just OK, my tomatoes were a fail but my pumpkins are doing amazingly well. I have a ton of sunflowers too thanks to the kids getting carried away. They’re about 2ft tall already x

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