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My running playlist 2

I haven’t blogged about running for a while. There’s a reason for that, as I’ve mentioned on my Instagram feed lately. #smellysockscantrunanymore

I had a dreadful cold in February – himself had COVID, I was testing daily and negative throughout. One false negative I might understand, but not 7 in a row while I felt dreadful. In the end I lost three weeks where I didn’t run at all. When I came back to it, wow that was hard! Who knew your body could forget so completely how to do such a basic thing as run, in such a short time?

So here I am, three months later, still not back to where I was and fighting hard to get there. I’m frustrated with my body and mind as I struggle to run for a decent distance without stopping. If I can get through the first 3km without stopping, I’ll do OK. But sometimes 2km is almost impossible. My speed is good to start with, but tends to drop off enormously. I need to start slower, I know that, but controlling my pace is tough.

Anyway, I’m persevering and taking the joy where I find it. Mostly, that’s in the views around me as I drag my legs along and in the music that soundtracks my runs.

I shared my running playlist last year, it’s evolved quite a bit since then – thank you BBC 6Music for your constant inspiration and introduction to new artists! So here are some of my recent favourite tunes for running to (on my fab AfterShockz, that are symptomatic of the running bug III). There are some new artists in here for me, and some that just come back again and again with more top tunes.


Oh wow, I’ve managed to even make a Spotify playlist with these songs and those from my first running playlist: Smelly Socks Goes Running.

How about you?

What do you listen to when you get some time alone? Whether its running or walking or working or just dancing round the house doing the cleaning?

I hope you decide to click on one of the artists above and discover something new.

Love from Smell xx

9 thoughts on “My running playlist 2”

  1. Great read! I’m one of those that doesn’t listen to anything while running. I’ve tried, but it meant I just wasn’t focused, so I go without now. Furthermore, it’d only be a matter of time before I’d get knocked over through lack of attention!
    Some cracking tunes on your playlist. Live the Idles track and the Robyn one too.

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