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April 2022 Reading

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I do a monthly round up for everything we’ve read each month. Himself focuses on science articles and forums and news, so he’s not getting a section – books only!

Large boy

A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison

The three Widdershins sisters had to go back in time and stuff to get magical items and save Sorcha Spellthorn so they aren’t cursed anymore and can leave Crowstone. It was OK for a book mum picked up at the charity shop without even asking me.

Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan

This book is Percy telling stories about the ancient Greek heroes, simple. It was OK, but there weren’t enough funny bits.

He’d been saving this for ages as he’s rationing his Rick Riordan consumption having read almost all of them. I think he might have been a little disappointed but he’s got one more to go and then he’ll need to wait for more books or find a new favourite author.

Also read:

  • The Worst Class in the World Dares You! by Joanna Nadin
  • Escape Room by Christopher Edge
  • Murder on the Safari Star and Danger at Dead Man’s Pass by Sam Sedgman and M. G. Leonard
  • Anisha, Accidental Detective by Serena Patel
  • Middle School: Just My Rotten Luck, Peril at the Top of the World, and The Worst Years of my Life by James Patterson
  • The Nothing to See Here Hotel by Steven Butler
  • The World or Norm: May Be Recycled by Jonathan Meres

Small boy

Epic Adventure (Kind of), Family, Friends and Furry Creatures, Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (as Some Things) and Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans by Liz Pichon

Gaaaa Tom Gates is awful.

That was me, not small boy. He loved them. He says they were really good and awesome.

His reading speed is through the roof, he must be enjoying these as he’s zooming through them in about 4 days and has just obtained three more at the car boot.

Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate by Kes Grey

Small boy had trouble understanding the premise before he started – what on earth could be wrong with chocolate. He says the problem is hamsters and maybe its best not to have hamsters so there’s no problem with chocolate. I like his thinking. Anyway, he says it was good and funny and he’s borrowed a couple more from the library.


Etrange printemps aux Glénan by Jean-Luc Bannalec

What, a detective novel? me? Seems unlikely. Or maybe not.

I read the first in the series a couple of months ago and loved it. Commisaire Dupin is grumpy, intolerant of idiots, pensive and thorough while also following his instincts. I love that outside the spiral of an investigation, we still get tidbits of his personal life.

I had my suspicions about whodunnit quite early on, but no idea what the motive might be. There were lots of red herrings and dead ends, but my guess was pretty close in the end. Alongside all the wonderful investigative twists and turns, the descriptions of the landscape and Breton culture remain as inspiring and captivating as in the first book. Three more to go I think.

Books 1-3 in Dark Yorkshire series by J. M. Dalgliesh

I read all of the Hidden Norfolk series by this author over the last few months. When I turned to the next series I discovered another familiar environment for the action. Having left the Norfolk coast and Tom Janssen behind, instead the series centres on Nate Caslin in York. One of the very first scenes was in the Lendal Cellars – one of my favourite bars from my student days.

Caslin is a very kettle of fish from Janssen. He’s much darker, more troubled and flawed, a real contrast. He breaks the rules, gets himself into all sorts of trouble and none of his superiors seem to like him much. Even more interesting, he doesn’t always get the bad guy, sometimes they wriggle away. I’m really enjoying this series and almost at the end of book 4.

How about you?

What books have you and your family enjoyed lately?

Love from Smell xxx

5 thoughts on “April 2022 Reading”

  1. How fun that you’ve shared not only what you’ve read, but what your “large boy” and “small boy” (so cute) read as well. What a creative way to do a monthly wrap-up!

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  2. I’ve been going through a spate of books I dislike recently, and maybe that’s on me for wanting to explore instead of going to the tons of TBRs by my favourite authors. Anyway, I enjoyed this post, so thanks for sharing!

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