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Snatched moments

Snatched moments

A few minutes of company

Pleasure in easy companionship

Mundane chatter about nothing

Twenty minutes of a return to before

Being friends is no longer an everyday pastime

Long lunches distant memories

Yoga classes no more


Children change everything

And, most days, it’s a fair exchange

I managed a short lunchtime walk with a dear friend this week. They’re few and far between these days. Once upon a time, lunch hours were, well, lunch hours. An hour spent at a yoga class with colleagues who became friends, or eating and then walking laps of the leafy business park. These days I don’t take a lunch hour, so that I can finish at a sensible time and actually see my children in the evening.

That means friendships are sporadic, catching fleeting moments and trying to cram weeks or months worth of catching up into encounters measured in minutes rather than hours. I don’t even remember the last time we managed a girls night out. Lunch once a month with whoever can make it is almost manageable.

But the sheer ridiculous joy of this ridiculous pair of numpties is worth it (almost all of the time).

How do you manage to maintain your friendships between work and kids and everything else?

Love from Smell xxx

18 thoughts on “Snatched moments”

  1. I am single, I don’t have kids but my close friends work in different cities. I don’t know what is it about the autumn and rainy season but I miss them a lot. We only manage to catch up for lunch twice in a year.

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  2. It is very hard to manage friendships while raising kids. My college best friends and I have a Zoom happy hour every Thursday after the kids are in bed. We started this in 2020 and have kept it up. Most weeks all of us are on, but not always. It has been a great way to reconnect and maintain our friendships.

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  3. I can see how having children does change your relationships with friends, etc (your poem is good at conveying that). I don’t have children but I do maintain friendships long-distance (which has it’s own challenges) so I can empathize with the sentiment that things are not how they once were. Fab post!

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  4. Ahh! I used to feel like I had no time to fit everything in but now that my girls are older I seem to have got back some of time to myself and now I actually miss being rushed off my feet with the kids. lol Friends will still be there when the kids are older x

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  5. It is difficult to carve out time for friendships when kids are young. The good news is, they grow up, and then you’ll have more time for you! I look back now and realize how quickly the time goes, so I have no regrets for putting them first when they were young.

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