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Our Easter Break

This is just a bit of a round up post as I return to the blog after a wonderful, chilled out Easter break for 2022.

Friday 8th April

The boys and I had a busy day. First off large boy needed new school shoes, PE trainers and a summer waterproof. So we went to a shopping centre and splurged on all the necessaries plus a few extra bits – they wanted matching smart shirts which I couldn’t refuse. Then home via the supermarket for some essentials for our holiday. Once I’d put that all away and finished the packing, we had lunch and I managed to squeeze in a run before himself ducked out of work early. We got on the road just after 3pm but didn’t make it to the holiday cottage until 10pm due to awful traffic on the M25.

Saturday 9th April

ALL about the mooching. First to Whitstable for some amazing sea food and a wander along the coast. We foolishly entered a cheese shop where the boys conned us out of a small fortune in unusual British cheeses. Then Canterbury to find a pub showing the Grand National.

Finally, back to the cottage to read in the sunshine and eat all the cheese.

Sunday 10th April

All about himself and his Scalextric addiction. He’d missed a big event in Swindon when our friends we were meant to visit got COVID so he was determined to make the one in Orpington. The boys both had a little bit of spending money too. We made it inside the M25 and to the community hall no trouble, having figured out we didn’t need to pay any emissions charges. Himself had a fine old time, splurged on several cars and a box set while the boys each got themselves a car or two for them to race too.

Then we headed over to Bluewater where we finally sorted large boy some new PJs that fit him and found a Ford motorsport tee shirt for himself while I bought a nice new top in case going out is a thing I do anytime soon.

Monday 11th April

Himself and I were rudely awakened at 5am by the sound of small boy being sick. Sensible little boy had woken up and made it to the toilet thank goodness. Poor little man had several repeat visits before crashing out at 6.30am and sleeping til 9am. He then felt absolutely fine, so we took it easy to be sure he was OK, eventually concluding that he’d had a migraine in the night.

I managed a nice morning run and was really pleased with how it went, despite an irrational surprise to find hills in Kent.

In the afternoon, we ventured out to Camber Sands on the recommendation of theworldofmrs_s over on Instagram. Oh the joy! Small boy was completely recovered and had a fine time wave jumping in the shallows, large boy did some metal detecting with himself and I failed to fly a kite. A glorious day, finished off by small boy thrashing us all at Catan, again.

Tuesday 12th April

You when you see old friends and it feels like you’ve hardly been apart? And when you do something special and memorable? And when all your kids pick up where they left off 9 months ago? And they’re so cute you have to explain that they aren’t related at all, not even distant cousins?

Yep it was one of those days.

We were up early to get a train from Ashford to London Victoria, then walked over to the Natural History Museum. The boys absolute favourite place. There we met friends from NCT classes before large boy was born and their two boys who are the same age as ours.

Before our train home, we had crepes just near the museum for dinner and then walked all the way down to Buckingham Palace to see the guards in their big hats. It was a long day but just amazing.

Wednesday 13th April

When I was very small, aged about 2, my parents took me to Sissinghurst. So a return visit, 39 years later, was a “must do” for our holiday in Kent.

We weren’t sure how much it would offer the boys, being mostly about the gardens. However, they enjoyed the tower and the barns and the bird hide. Lunch was a hit but the closure of the second hand bookshop a massive blow.

After Sissinghurst we headed south to Hastings. We just planned for a walk along the front but ended up taking the funicular railway up the cliffs and having a little mooch up there. Then, some crazy golf (where a miracle occurred and I got the ball into the 19th hole!). The weather was absolutely glorious, oblivious to the pending sunburn we walked along the sea front for ages, eventually turning back to enjoy a proper chippy tea on the pier. An idyllic day.

Thursday 14th April

Our last full day and another fun-filled one.i started with another run despite the very tired legs after the previous day’s long walk.

Then we went to Leeds Castle focused on birds of prey and the maze. Neither disappointed and the boys loved the adventure playground. However, both the entry and the food felt quite expensive just for the day. I’m sure if we lived locally and were able to make use of the 12 month free return opportunity it wouldn’t have felt so bad.

We ended the day with a pub dinner at the Bonny Cravat in Woodchurch. Large boy impressively polished off and adult steak and ale pie followed by a full size pudding. He must be growing again.

Friday 15th April

Home time. Sad times.

We needed to vacate the cottage by 9am so we had to be up and out. Instead of heading straight up the road though, we stopped off at Chatham Dockyards because himself was really interested. Surprisingly, the boys loved it. I wasn’t sure it would be their thing but they enjoyed going on the submarine, showed off their knowledge at the science show, and were amazed to see the destroyer that was similar to the ship their great grandfather served on during WWII. I was bowled over by the intricate roof of the covered dry dock, stunning and almost 200 years old.

At last it was time to head home. We made good time and treated ourselves to McDonald’s tea because my Tesco’s delivery wasn’t due until 8pm.

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April

Back to normality with a thump. Washing, washing and more washing. We were drowning in wet and dried clothes to hang out or put away. Large boy had swimming and small boy a birthday party on the Saturday. Then the Sunday was time for all the chocolate followed by a car boot and a long walk up our local big hill – treat for each boy and they managed an impressive book haul at the car boot. I laboured on and did all the ironing on Sunday night so there wouldn’t be a rush before going back to school and work.

Monday 18th April

I was planning to spend the day planting seeds and cleaning weeds, blogging and doing some admin for rugby. However, himself wanted a last day out in the fresh air before being attached to a screen all day again. So we piled the bikes into the truck (we really need a tow bar and rack) and headed out to the North Wales coast for a bike ride. 29km from Prestatyn to Abergele and back, it was a bit chilly and himself forgot his jumper (I remembered the waterproofs so he didn’t freeze). We started with beautiful sunshine and ended in drizzle. Small boy struggled over the last 5km, but finished strong. The traffic was horrid going home unfortunately, but otherwise a lovely end to our break.

How was yours?

Did you have a break over Easter? Some chill out time or a get away? Or were you stuck at work? Bleugh, work.

Love from Smell xxx

10 thoughts on “Our Easter Break”

  1. Sounds like it’s been a good break with lots of interesting visits going on. Is Leeds Castle the same Historic Houses group as Blenheim? I find that really expensive for a day visit, but as you say, a bargain if you are local and just visit twice a year+

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  2. What a nice array of daily guys had the BEST week of weather for your southern holiday. Giggled at your irrational surprise at Kent hills (I recall a similar reaction when properly exploring the county in 2020) And beautiful as it looks, the price tag on Leeds castle has always deterred me!

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