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I’m having one of those days or weeks where there are just too many things going on. I knew what I was going to write a post about, but here I am at 5.30pm the day before publishing and I haven’t started it. I refuse to let the blog be one more pressure on me. So I’m shelving that and instead I’m going  for a bit of self pity.

Here are the too many things that are overwhelming right now, in no particular order:

  • School parents nights on Tuesday
  • Himself is at work every day this week
  • I refused to do laundry on mother’s day and now there’s a massive pile
  • My parents are coming on Friday so I need to change the spare bed and tidy the room
  • Beavers
  • Cubs
  • That feeling that I’ve forgotten something
  • Himself’s birthday next week, my parents want a gift idea, need to get him something and a card from the boys
  • Need to see who’s coming to rugby next Sunday
  • I’m probably applying for a new job, need to do cover letter
  • Where’s the cleaner?
  • Running is still horrid
  • Small boy has a sore bit on his leg and I keep forgetting to put cream on it so it’s not healing
  • My TBR pile is too big
  • I have a hormone headache
  • I still haven’t emailed the people about changing the front of the house
  • The trees need cutting
  • Large boy is horrified that I might change jobs and go back to full time (FFS I haven’t even applied yet!)
  • My friend still isn’t talking to me
  • My boss is out on medical leave and I’m having to cover some of her responsibilities
  • My UX colleague is exhaustingly depressed at her job and keeps telling me all the time
  • If my parents are coming, so we should go out to dinner, I can’t be arsed
  • I want more time to play Lego Hobbit
  • I need to book to get a tow bar fitted on the truck
  • And it needs an MOT soon
  • We need to sort a hire car for the next holiday
  • I need to tell my boss’s boss how unhappy I am about working with the arsehole
  • I need to organise a new manager to take on the u7s rugby team from September when small boy goes up to the u8s
  • My work to do list is getting longer, not shorter
  • There are three massive piles of clothes on my bedroom floor that need putting away
  • One manager at work is being very demanding and threatening to get the CEO to tell me to drop everything for what he wants me to do
  • No one’s made large boy’s lunch for tomorrow yet
  • We need to organise to see two different set of friends who live far away
  • Did I mention the headache?

So yeah, kind of feeling the pressure right now.

Love from Smell xxx

34 thoughts on “Overwhelmed”

  1. I hear you Smells. Life is overwhelming at times. My husband was away on the week-end and I got a lot of writing done, so I’m ahead of my blog. I don’t have school kids anymore so that is a big break but our work is crazy busy and infiltrates all the corners of my spare time just about. All I can do is send a hug and say “I hear you” and don’t let it get you down. 🤗💕

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