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Getting by

So I have about four half-written blog posts and several ideas in my head but nothing in a state to share today.

Add to that the rather hectic last two weeks because himself was isolating after getting COVID, meaning that I was doing all the taxi duties for the kids, me getting large boy’s evil cold from hell, and my lacklustre immune response and I’ll openly admit to the blog not being my highest priority.

On Saturday afternoon, I could have spent a couple of hours writing up stuff that’s in my brain. But instead, I lolled on the sofa and played Lego Star Wars for 2 hours. Mindless and requiring almost no thought, exactly the amount of effort I had available.

It’s Valentine’s day today. Thank goodness himself and I don’t usually pay any attention to it, because we would both have been rather disappointed otherwise.

So what with all that and the busy schedule this last week before half term, lots of life admin going on, and various plans for the boys to see their friends during the school break, I feel like we’re just about getting by.

You know what, that’s OK.

Life isn’t all trips out or special home made meals or amazing runs. Sometimes, we eat mush and ready meals, don’t leave the house, and still feel like we’re close to empty.

I’m sure this phase of not doing much will end, likely when this bloody cold finally gets beaten by my immune system. Hopefully anyway, because I’m pretty fed up of feeling rough now.

So, sorry for the lack of thoughtout post and sharing this waffle instead. Hope you’re OK. Tell me what you’ve been up to?

Love from Smell xxx

18 thoughts on “Getting by”

  1. I was about to type ‘sorry I’m slow to reading this’ but none of us should have to apologise for just getting by sometimes. Especially when you’re poorly! I hope you’re starting to feel better.

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  2. With social media always showing a highlight reel of the best moments, it was actually nice to read this post (minus the ill part, of course). Sometimes I feel like I am just getting by, and it can feel very lonely, as everyone else seems to have their act together. Reading this reassured me that it is okay just to be getting by sometimes. 😊💜

    Of course, I hope your immune system beats your cold and you feel better soon. Also, 2 hours of playing Lego Star Wars sounds like a perfect Saturday afternoon. Look after yourself. 😊

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  3. No worries at all. We all have times like that! I hope you feel better soon.

    I’m doing okay but getting tired of snow and extreme cold. I saw several robins in the tree in front of our house yesterday so that’s a sign of spring. I’m enjoying watching the Winter Olympics on TV. It’s a nice break from all the chaos in the world right now.

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  4. I feel you with this one. I’ve spent the last two months or so feeling extremely tired and drained. Since my husband had to work Saturday I thought I’d use that time to write my blogs but I did everything but. Sometimes being unproductive is just what we need.

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  5. Hugs.

    I also have a lacklustre immune system. It’s like my cat Willow who comes asking for a head rub; then hisses and scratches when I rub her head.

    My stupid immune system attacks my body instead of the pathogens causing me to lose a bit more of what remains of my sight and makes my platelets dip a little more. sigh

    My personal point of view is to keep my blog random as I know sometimes I will post something a month later, and other times it will be a 2 post day.

    Look after yourself.

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