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Halloween (boo humbug)

OK, confession time….

I do not like Halloween and I really don’t like dressing up.

We didn’t do Halloween when I was little, it seems to be an adopted, imported event from elsewhere. It’s not a holiday or a celebration. It’s just an opportunity to fill kids with sweets (“candy”! Eugh!), pour more money down the drain and forget about the real meaning of all hallows and all souls days on the 31st October and 1st November.

I think it’s fairly unlikely that I’ll be participating in blogtober anytime soon, it’s just not for me (although I’m happy enough to join in when invited).

However, this year we’ve been invited to a Halloween party (the horrors) by one of himself’s friends. At their house. And they love dressing up.

I refer you to me previous statement. I strongly dislike fancy dress.

I like my comfy clothes and, worst case, at least nice going our clothes that fit and I feel vaguely good in. I don’t do sexy witch or random celebrities or a piece of cake or animal or whatever. I just have no inspiration and, once costumed, I feel uncomfortable and can’t wait to get home. I didn’t mind being 1980s Madonna when I was 20 and my 2 best mates were doing 90s and 2000s Madonna, that was quite fun. Since then, it’s been a big nope.

Himself seems to quite like it but relies strongly on the novelty onesie: cookie monster and chewbacca have previously featured – on one occasion for absolutely no reason for an internal work conference.

The kids have been persuaded for world book day, again relying on onesies or dressing gowns as far as possible.

Yeah so, I’m unimpressed. We’re going to a fancy dress Halloween party. Himself is quite pleased with his choice of costume – he’s going as a dying panda, covered in blood (he has a panda aversion). For the boys I came up with a really easy idea when small boy was wandering around the house wearing only his rugby skins – they’re going to be ninjas in all black base layers and cheap ski masks. That left me stumped. Eventually I decided to just wear a dress, having briefly considered being a flapper girl, I plumped for Holly Golightly. I have a beautiful posh Coast dress and Amazon had provided opera gloves, pearls, massive hat and a cigarette holder thingy. That’ll do. I can’t be arsed with anything more complicated.

I’ll try to post some pics later as they should be nicely anonymous.

How’s your Halloween?

What are you up to this Halloween? Do you enjoy the whole thing?

Love from Smell xxx

39 thoughts on “Halloween (boo humbug)”

  1. We don’t really celebrate or observe Halloween much. My husband puts up some window clings but apart from that, that’s about it. We don’t dress up, trick or treat or party but we do enjoy all the spooky, scary movies and tv shows and get really into those!

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  2. Ha! I’m the same, don’t get Halloween or why it’s so huge now and am not a fan of fancy dress (though I have done it) I like my own clothes.
    I was never allowed to go trick or treating as a child. Hope the party was fun

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    1. This post made me laugh.

      I love Halloween. However, we didn’t do much this time in terms of dressing up. Managed to get the little one dressed up in some basic outfits when we went out for other events.

      I’m too busy with a toddler to plan Halloween.

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  3. You are hilarious Smell, we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – you should do stand up!!!. I hear you on the whole dressing up crap. It’s never been my thing, perhaps because I spend most of my life being everyone but me. And like you – I love my comfy clothes, big baggy jumpers and leggings or a comfy dress, nothing to fancy or faffy. Though its good to hear you made the effort. Sometimes, when we let ourselves go – we can have a nice (ish) time hehe! Hope you did have a good time. We stayed at home in our PJ’s catching up with blogging and answering the door to trick or treaters, every 10 minutes. XXX

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    1. Awww thanks, you are way too nice.
      It was a fun party in the end, the kids played video games, I drank a copious quantity of prosecco and no one understood why himself was a dead panda.
      Back in my PJs and hoodie tonight and we’ve avoided trick or treaters as well.

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      1. A dead panda hahahah! Love it. We are way passed parties, especially around festive occasions. It’s always quite interesting when you are the only sober one in a group of drinkers heheh. But I defo feel like my partying days are over. Warm PJ’s, fluffy slippers, hot water bottle, a blanket – oh and a hot chocolate…thank you very much xxxx

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  4. I never used to be that bothered about it until I had my son. He gets so excited for it that his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me.

    Halloween is a huge deal on our estate. I’m talking America level! It’s not uncommon to get over 500 trick or treaters (someone once counted, lol). It’s lovely taking our son out trick or treating and seeing the streets full of kids.

    It’s definitely growing in popularity over here in the UK, it was never so big back when we were younger xx

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  5. Never had a thing for Halloween, I left the UK before it really took off there. You see it more here now in Italy than we used to, lots of costumes for the kids and special treats. Trick or Treat is Dolcetto o Scherzetto in Italian.

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  6. I honestly love the sound of your costume. Despite you saying you hate Halloween, I bet you looked fab 🙂 I used to hate dressing up to, but since I’ve had my little girl, I find that it allows you to be silly for the day, ect, and she finds it hilarious when I put on her witches hat. 🙂 Can’t wait to see some photos 🙂

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  7. I usually like Halloween, because in South Africa there are a couple of dress up parties at clubs and pubs, and it’s an excuse to see my friends. Here in Australia I’m broke, so I’ll be hiding away in our house from Trick or treaters.

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  8. It’s interesting that the North American Halloween traditions have made their way to England. When I was a child, we didn’t celebrate Halloween at all. It was all about Guy Fawkes day on the 5th of November.

    I do enjoy dressing up in costume. I usually dress up for work but I haven’t been in the office the last couple of years. My best Halloween ever was the year our whole team at work dressed up as 1980s musical acts. We had ZZ Top, Slash, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Billy Ray Cyrus. Yours truly was Billy Idol. Not surprisingly, we won for best team costume.

    This year, I’ll be staying home wearing my Halloween sweatshirt and witch hat and handing out candy.

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  9. I have to agree with you! Though this year I have found myself just doing it for my nephew. It won’t be for long then I can get my pjs back on and chill 😀

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  10. yeah I agree, halloween is definitely more of a commercial holiday these days & as well as a real money drainer. but it’s fun for the kids and that’s what counts 🙂

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