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What happens when you blog less?

So, earlier in the year I decided to take a little break from the blog while we went on holiday. It was lovely just enjoying some family time and not doing any promotion – either through Twitter threads or Facebook groups.

When we came back I decided not to return to the way I’d been blogging before. Instead, I decided to make a couple of changes:

  • Post less frequently – just two days a week
  • Do less promotion – less posting on Facebook groups and less Pinterest
  • Stopped sharing posts on Instagram

Effects on the Stats

It’s hardly a surprise is it? I’m not some almost-famous blogger with a massive following that shares my posts and does promotion for me, so when I post less and share less, of course the views go down:

I’ve deliberately not included the scale there – because the absolute numbers aren’t important really (well the stats don’t matter at all, in fact), and because I don’t want to compare myself to others or for others to compare themselves to me (even though that might help them feel really good!)

Can you spot where I made the change? Yup, at the beginning of June. Then after August, I stopped posting to Pinterest almost completely and stopped posting in Facebook groups almost completely. I would have said that the traffic that came from those places wasn’t very much, but looking at this graph, maybe it was. Either way, it was artificial with just click throughs and not much real conversation growing from it, so I’m not ever so sad to lose it.

I’ve scaled back the Twitter promotion too, when I publish a post, I don’t add it to promotion threads that day anymore. I’ve given up sharing blog posts on Instagram too, no one clicks anyway (like Pinterest) there’s lots of preparation in Canva for not much return.

Effects on Us

The time I spend on blog “admin” has reduced drastically, leaving me with more time to help small boy with his spellings or listen to him read, to chat with friends, to plan the weekend and to accommodate my new responsibility “managing” the under 6 and 7 rugby teams for our club (with varying degrees of success for that last one).

My Fridays off are freer, so instead of sitting and writing three posts for the week, I can meet a friend for lunch and manage a long run. My weekends are less busy checking Facebook threads to make sure that I reciprocate every interaction. Instead, small boy and I have enjoyed long rambles while his brother is otherwise occupied:

I’m no longer spending time creating 3 or 4 pins in Canva, writing extra blurb, pinning to my page and then a couple of group boards every day. I’m not participating in at least two Facebook group threads a day, carefully returning every interaction from someone. I’m not sharing on multiple additional groups every time I publish. It’s like I’ve stopped doing the homework and now I’m just enjoying the reality again.

I’ve also gone back to basics with the purpose of my writing a blog and that felt really good. So while the stats are down, the real value is better for me and I feel much more comfortable with the time I’m investing in my blog versus my family.

How about you?

If you’re a blogger, how do you feel about the cost/benefit of promoting and posting at whatever frequency you use? I see some people posting several times a day and I just can’t see myself finding something to say that frequently. If that’s you, how do you do it?!

Love from Smell xxx

40 thoughts on “What happens when you blog less?”

  1. I’m new to blogging. When I just started I would post frequently. These days I don’t post as much on my official blog. It’s time consuming and to me it makes no sense to be posting that often when you don’t have a large audience. These days I spend most of my time sharing my blog on social media platforms and reading other blogs.

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  2. I do not much pinning, though I hear it works wonders for many people, and I enjoy creating visual poems for Instagram, so that is something I do too, but I love hearing about why you have changed the way you share and write!

    I have been feeling like I need to change something too, so seeing how the plunge you took has affected you for the better mentally is inspiring. ❤

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  3. Thanks for sharing this. It’s interesting to see.

    There is so much admin work that goes into blogging.

    With eventually working full time again and the blog, I will probably be posting less. Unless I get super organised and schedule in advance.

    I am glad you’ve found the balance that’s right for you though. That’s the main thing 🙂

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  4. Shi…… I’ve been posting less lately and my stats have dropped too, and I’ve never really used Pinterest. Actually, I signed up for an account this year and “pinned” a couple of post covers but that’s the extent of it. I don’t quite understand what to do on that platform! The thing is, I’ve not had the time for anything else either, and I think that’s why everything’s going so pear-shaped.

    So the stats take a hit, understandable. But then what can happen is you spend more time living offline, less time stressing, with less pressure to reply to things and pin things and draft new posts, so you can go back to enjoying the process. That’s an advertisement for less is more if ever I’ve heard one.

    “…because I don’t want to compare myself to others or for others to compare themselves to me” – I think that was the right call. As much as I think “nah, I’m not bothered about stats”, I do take a peek and instantly feel rubbish, thinking that I’m utter crap and my blog is crap and I might as well quit. The stats don’t really mean a hell of a lot, and yet they can have the power to make us feel rubbish if we let them.

    Keep enjoying the process and blogging your way! You’ve probably given quite a few people food for thought with this post, so thank you.

    Caz xxxx

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  5. I post twice a week: a midweek blog post that is not promoted anywhere and a regular blog post that gets promoted on IG and Facebook. You’re the second blogger I know who said they don’t get traffic from Instagram, but most of my traffic comes from IG and FB 😅

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  6. I post once a week, even at that, it is time consuming. When I blog, I post on Twitter. I schedule 20 pins a day when I feel like because creating pins is another job on its own. I see my stats go down when I fail to promote on Twitter and Pinterest but I just keep it moving. Blogging should be fun and I try to keep it that way.

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  7. Twice a week still feels like plenty, to be honest. I can barely hang on with my once-weekly schedule, lol. But yeah, the admin part can really eat into your day. And social media too! WordPress along takes up so much time, and each social media you add to that can really stack up. Thanks for this, and wishing you the best no matter your choice!

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  8. I like the way you think. I wanted to blog to share encouragement. I struggle with finding time to write well, picking the right photos, and all that goes with it. For another two months I spend my weekdays with my grandson and find so much joy with him and working in my crafts. I can’t do it all. When time permits I’ll write more. No rules, each have to do what right for them.

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  9. I have a tiny blog that I started a couple months ago. I’m enjoying writing about different positive things and have been writing more because it is a new creative outlet. I will probably taper down over time. My stats definitely decline if I don’t engage but I’m trying not to make that something I focus on too much mostly because this is a hobby. I agree – balance and going back to the basics is a good thing, thanks for that reminder. Great post.

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  10. I think engagement level is low this past month or so. A lot of bloggers have stopped visiting the blogging world with real world returning to normal.
    I used to post 3 times a week down to 2 times a week now. Never promoted my blog anywhere but overall I do see a drop in stats.

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  11. Good for you! I see what you mean. Blogging is so time-consuming. I spend more time on admin and promotion than I do writing. My stats are low regardless of the frequency of when I post!
    Sometimes, I have to take a step back myself and remind myself of what and who are important to me.

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  12. We all blog for different reasons. Like you, my blog is a hobby so I’m not overly obsessed with stats. I see a lot of traffic from Pinterest so, for me, it’s worth the effort and designing the pins is fun for me. Instagram is a complete waste of time as far as I’m concerned. I participate in Twitter and Facebook threads from time to time but they don’t bring much traffic or engagement so I’ve cut back on that too. I’d rather spend my time writing content.

    I’ve been posting three times a week for about the last 18 months. If life ever returns to normal and things open up again, I may drop that to twice a week. We’ll see. My girls are grown and I have time on my hands so it’s a good diversion.

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    1. I quite enjoy insta for just interacting, even if it does nothing for my blog. I follow way too many running people though and I just get envy for them!
      I get quite a bit of traffic from Twitter but not much from other places. But I don’t get the same sort of community there that I find with Insta.

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  13. I just love this!! we must spend a ton of time on our blogs to get the views up.. but when we do we are sacrificing valuable ‘me’ time or it prevents us from living our best lives. definitely have to find a balance

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  14. When it first starting blogging there were very few of us, but then it grew and grew and for 11 years I blogged and worried about stats. but it got less as time wore on. It’s not easy to keep up and it’s not easy when it’s not your job. I am glad you figured out a balance a lot sooner than I did. Maybe I wouldn’t have given up when I became ill. I think you do a brilliant job and you are true to why you blog. Family is what your blog is about, keep that as priority always xxx

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  15. It’s interesting, I haven’t had the same amount of time to dedicate to the the blog since March and yes my views have dropped off but I have more interactions which is more valuable.

    Like you I don’t want to spend ALL my free time on blog admin I’m enjoying having time with my family.

    Great read thanks for sharing x

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      1. Yeah I just do what I can and don’t stress. There’s so much we’ve all missed during the pandemic, no point in choosing to continue missing out 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  16. I suppose, it depends on what your goals are with your blog. But, when you end up being obsessed with stats and utilising all of your free time trying to get those stats up it becomes counter productive.

    It’s great to see you’ve reigned yourself in and concentrating on what’s important.

    Great read Smell!

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