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Memories of Grandad

The very lovely Michelle over at Boomer Eco Crusader asked me if I had any stories to tell for her beautiful series of Clutter Tales. I’d recently had to deal with some clutter, so my Grandad easily came to mind.

The Clutter Tales series is a set of responses that various people have to coming across an object or a memory – whether it’s nostalgia, a laugh, a cry, wonder at our past naivety, or anything else. We all have those times when we’re suddenly back in a moment from the past just from seeing or touching some ancient object that everyone else thinks is clutter, but for the individual it’s a connection stone to a different time.

My Post

Just a couple of weeks before Michelle asked me whether I’d like to write something about clutter, we held the funeral for my paternal grandmother, my gran. She’d been in poor physical health for several years and suffered from vascular dementia for 18 months, we’d been grieving for her all that time and it was as much a relief when she finally slipped away, peacefully in her sleep.

When I went to my parent’s house for the funeral, I found my mum had put together a box of mementos for me. Just some bits and bobs of my grans – gloves, trinkets, a vase and plate, and some pictures. Mainly pictures of my boys, a nice posed shot of me, my parents and my brother, and a simple picture of my grandad standing in front of a stone building, leaning on his walking stick.

When I took that photo of grandad out of the box…

Do drop by the full post on Michelle’s blog to read on: Clutter Tales – Memories of Grandad.

I hope you enjoy it and take some time to browse the other posts in the series, each one is different and meaningful.

Love from Smell xxx

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