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Crafty Kids – August 2021

Ah the joys of holiday club (summer camp)! Since we got back from our summer 2021 trip to see family, the boys have been in a holiday club at a different school two or three days a week. After last summer when they spent weeks and weeks in the house, being quite while mum and dad worked, we decided that a mixture of chilling at home and doing some activities was a good idea. So we chose the more-expensive local holiday club because they do an incredible job planning something different every day. In “normal times” they take the kids of day trips – ours did footy golf two years ago and I know other people whose children have even been to a dry ski slope. Another positive of this particular club is that they feed the kids a proper snack at the end of the day – none of the “two crackers and a piece of fruit” business our school after school club does. No, they might get a bowl of pasta or (in large boy’s case) three cheese croissants (I fear he’s growing).

Anyway, back to the point of my post. One of the things I love about holiday clubs and which I really appreciated about nursery in days gone by, is that the kids get to try loads of different crafts and messy activities that I certainly wouldn’t have the time, inclination, or equipment to do with them during the days when I’m working.

The boys aren’t particularly artistically skilled, they’ll never be the next Van Gogh or Banksy, but they enjoy it and that’s far more important. So here are some bits and bobs they’ve made this summer. Definitely not insta-perfect, and that’s why I’m sharing them. They aren’t works of art fit for a museum, but they brought the boys joy and I love having them around (well the hama beads collection in my office might get reduced soon, but you get the point).

As well as these creations, there was shortbread and doubtless other things that never made it home.


Small boy just did a T-Rex that had been in a fight and got covered in blood. So yeah, a brown dinosaur piggy bank, just what he always needed. Large boy’s is a triceratops with evil eyes, also a joy.

On top of these large boy did some tiles and a plate. The plate is an utter mess of an emoji but the tiles just could have done with a more solid layer of paint. He’s done a flower garden and a moonlit night, in case you can’t tell.

Hama Beads

From large boy (who has since decided to spend £20 of his own money on a full set of his own, will I regret this?). Here we have a car and trailer (we’ll ignore the trailer wheels being much lower than the car), a paint splatter car and a minecraft world in layers.

This one might replace or at least supplement my gorgeous sunshine that small boy made me last summer:

Loom Bands

Large boy’s love of loom bands has been reignited. He got a set for Christmas last year and made loads of things, bought some second hand instructions at a car boot, got really cross with the instructions for being too complicated and then gave up because, well, Fortnite. He’s come home from holiday club with a whole bunch of ropes and bracelets and some random thing to go round his water bottle.

Have you or your kids been crafty this summer holiday?

29 thoughts on “Crafty Kids – August 2021”

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  2. We send our little one to nursery for the same reason. There is no way I could entertain her as they do. She loves it. I am also a huge fan of crafts and the pics look amazing.

    Glad they had a good time x

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  3. My girls went through a beads and loom bands phase. I still find their creations all over the house. In fact, I think we have a couple of large tubs of beads in the basement still. I’m sure I’ll find them on one of my decluttering missions! Thanks for sharing these wonderful creations.

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  4. Awww, I loved seeing their crafts – so sweet! Makes me miss being a kid 🙂 I was absolutely obsessed with hamma beads, in fact I’m sure I still have some leftover in the attic 🙈

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  5. Hi SS&GP,

    Looks as though a great deal of fun was had – which is, of course, the objective! 🙂

    I have to say that I struggle to see any difference in quality between the artistic endeavours of your boys and so-called professional artists. I don’t know if that is a reflection on them, the artists or me!

    PS: I think that the the T-Rex is my favourite 😉

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