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House fantasies

Himself won’t move house locally. He hates moving and throwing money on taxes and all the legal stuff and the moving and all the disruption. I get it. But I also don’t like my garden, it’s too small, and my feelings about the kitchen in this house have built from mild inconvenience to strong dislike bordering on hatred.

Watch out for a massive renovation some time in an attempt to resolve my kitchen issues.

In the meantime, I can dream. Every time we visit himself’s parents and mine, I can’t resist browsing RightMove to see what we could live in there.

Here are some top picks from our summer 2021 trip.

A “House”

You know, like a manor house rather than just a house on a street.


Look at that! 6 bedrooms and so much land and all those reception rooms to hide boys and their toys (and men and their scalextric in).

Grandeur Galore

Just to be really silly, how about a house big enough to dedicate a whole floor to a granny flat or holiday let?


Right? Wouldn’t that just feel like somewhere from a regency novel to live? I could be Catherine Moreland all day every day.

Games and Views

This one is almost not ridiculous. Still out of any budget we might have in mind (not that I’m meant to be turning my mind to such things), but the views are stunning, and a games room? Yes please! So much space, I could have 3 greenhouses.


Massive Project

Given past of me would rather move house that do a kitchen refit, let alone the knocking down of walls and possible extension that were considering, a project is frankly beyond fantasy. However, this looks like it could be just fantastic. (See what I did there?)


Just look at that decor! My mum had that kitchen in the 1980s and the carpets are super garish. But the gardens (again) and all the space. Oh how I long for a big garden and for space for himself to get his teeth into a proper scalextric layout – sure I moan and tease, but he’d love it.

Picture Perfect

How’s this one for an idyllic postcard cottage?


But wait, read the description. There’s a library! And a boot room, cellars and a coach house. It sounds like something out of Dickens or Gaskell. Scroll through the pictures to the bathroom and you see that impression is played out in reality.

What’s your ideal home?

I’ll be honest, my search criteria are fairly silly : at least 5 bedrooms, detached and up to £700,000. Totally unrealistic, but so much fun to imagine living in some of these places. Even if we could afford some of these places, it would be no use because there are no jobs in our professions locally.

What sort of home would you love to live in? And where?

33 thoughts on “House fantasies”

  1. At least I’m not alone in dreaming out of my means and affordability. I’ve always dreamed of a small holding for animals and cars 😂.

    Those are some rather beautiful looking houses you have shared though smell. You can but dream. There is always the idea of weighing up the cost of an extension and uplift but could you improve adding that money on top of the value of the house to buy something bigger and better.

    I agree with Himself though, I hate moving, the stress is unbelievable.

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  2. It’s always fun to dream! I love to look through houses and imagine what kind of people lived there and what their lives were like. Creepy I guess! 😉

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  3. I’m one of those people who loves looking at the ridiculously expensive houses on Rightmove. We can all dream!

    Our current house is probably our ‘realistic dream house’. It has everything we want and we love it. The only thing we want to do is put a single story extension on for a little more downstairs space.

    But if we won the lottery or somehow make millions, I’d want to design and build my own house. If money was no object I’d have a full on cinema room, a bowling alley, a bar, swimming pool, gym and loads of land. But for now, that house will just have to exist in my head!

    You’ll have to keep us up-to-date on any renovations you do x

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  4. I hate the kitchen in my house, it is sandwiched between two other rooms so has no windows and gets SO hot when the oven is on. It is a nightmare for baking in I normally need to bake a cake one day and decorate the next when it has cooled down a bit. My partner doesn’t want to move either but it drives me crazy. I am forever looking on Rightmove to see all the lovely houses in our area with nice kitchens. Hopefully, one day I will be able to convince him to move.

    Sarah | http://www.aspoonfulofvanilla.co.uk

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  5. We’re currently saving for a house deposit, so when the hubby and I have a spare minute we like to do the same and head to see what houses are for sale online, in our price range. It’s far too much to do this! 😀 Our dream house would be by the beach, with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, indoor soundproof cinema room. Totally realistic, right? Asking for a friend??? LOL!

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  6. I like this game! I wanted a bigger kitchen but settled for new cupboards and countertops with a fresh coat of paint. Housing costs and shortages here are out of control, we get texts from random realtors asking if f we want to sell. Anyway, it’s fun to dream of a new space. Looks like I’m growing old where I am!

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  7. LOL With the price of a modest house out of the reach of many people these days, I think the market for some of these homes would be pretty small.

    When we got married, we bought a house we wanted to live in for several years. We always thought we’d move, but never did. So, it’s not perfect, but we still live in the same house we bought 27 years ago. Now that our girls are older, I’m glad we stayed here. I enjoy the financial freedom and having money to travel and do other things – I would never want to be a mortgage slave. We also have great neighbours and don’t have to travel too far to work (assuming we ever go back to the office, that is).

    Like your husband, I hate the idea of moving. The time, the effort, the cost. It just gives me a headache.

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  8. It’s always so much fun browsing for dream-worthy houses! I’d love a 4 bed detached property with a modern flair in the seaside town I live in x

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