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Veggies 2021: Reset

I love growing veggies. In previous years, I’ve tortured himself, colleagues and neighbours with a surfeit of courgettes, almost ruined the foundations of an oil tank with rhubarb and produced cucumbers into October. In recent years, since we moved up North to a house with a North-facing garden, I’ve had less luck.

I’ve tried growing tomatoes in pots and got lots of green ones that never ripen – OK for chutney but not much else. My butternut squash have failed every year. The courgettes have done OK though.

I adjusted my ambitions and approach this year after a disappointing start in 2020 that led to an unthrilling harvest. But all the preparation and initial success all went down the drain when we had rather a stormy May. Of the ground level plants I put outside at the beginning of the month, within a week they were all absolutely ruined except this one – which swiftly went downhill.

The sweetcorn seem OK, just a bit battered but I’m hoping all the rain is suiting them well.

Pressing Reset

Luckily, there were a couple of cucumbers that I hadn’t planted out yet and I’d kept all the tomatoes on my windowsill too when I planted out the rest of the veg. So all was not lost – just my beloved courgettes. However, I still had the packet of seeds, so I started over. This time they sprouted really quickly and hopefully they’ll be blessed with some warm sun when I come to put them in the ground.

In the meantime, the remaining cucumbers are doing vigorously and I got some growbags to give the tomatoes their best chance. I planted them out this weekend just gone and so far they seem OK. I’ve surrounded the tomatoes with canes for support and only put one cucumber plant out so far, saving the other one for when the weather seems to have settled properly and warmed up I hope. The tomatoes I’ve split between the front of the house where they get sun from morning until mid-afternoon, and the back garden where they get sun through til dusk. Himself thinks the ones at the front will get eaten by passers by – but they’re right up against the wall of the house, someone would have to be pretty brazen to walk across the drive and snaffle tomatoes from right outside my office window.

Wish me luck

I’m going to plant my one remaining cucumber out this weekend and put the courgettes out in pots next week.

Fingers crossed they survive!

Love from Smell xx

23 thoughts on “Veggies 2021: Reset”

  1. Fingers crossed for you! I love vicariously living through your garden. I have 4 plants and I’ve managed to keep them alive. I’m looking forward to really digging into gardening once we move. Keep us posted!!

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  2. I enjoyed your article. I wish you the best with your veggies. And I give you a round of applause for your persistence.

    For the first time, I planted Dwarf Marigolds seeds in my back garden this weekend. I pray God blesses it, so that it sprouts quickly and flowers. I intend to grow a vegetable garden as well.

    I found your post on my Facebook Page: Bloggers Supporting Bloggers. I’m glad I clicked on your link.

    Please drop by my blog, sometime: Let me know you stopped by.


  3. Very frustrating. I am on the verge of just giving up on my outside garden. I have tried many different plants and if its not the snails that feast on my crop then they just don’t grow. The only thing that seems to do well is onion. Nothing else. May be I should draw inspiration for your persistence.

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  4. Hi SS&GP. Good luck. We rarely have much luck with our veg and often end up with the green tomatoes scenario that you describe. However, this year OH’s work colleague, who is the primary veg provider, has held back provision of the veg saying simply that it will be on its way shortly – I don’t think she trusts us! 😉

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  5. Good luck! Gardening can be so frustrating at times. Last weekend was the “safe from frost” date here where we live. Temperatures were in the high 20s all last weekend so I moved all my plants outside and planted the rest of my veggies. Guess what? Middle of this week – frost advisory! You can’t win. I don’t think we actually did get frost so I should be okay but it’s enough to drive you crazy.

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  6. I think that after all the storm, hailing and rain of the last few weeks all plants had a bit of a hard time, but they are more resistant than they look! Finger crossed for a better harvest this year x

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