beautiful sunlit trees at Delamere Forest

You’re doing okay

I was brushing my teeth

When I started to worry

Are we harming our kids with our

Work dedication?

I was walking the dog

When I began to fret

Are the kids learning that money

And position are all that we need?

I was cooking the dinner

When I wondered in fear

Do the kids think their achievements

Prompt all of our pride?

I was writing the shopping list

When that troublesome thought occurred

If its all reading and maths

How will their dreams be shared?

I was paying the bills

When in the kids bounded

All cuddles and shouting

Muddy and full of news from their days

I was reading a story of

Gorillas and jungles and parrots

When the hugs and the comments,

The demands for one more page,

The repeated tearful complaints,

Told me – you’re doing okay.

Love from Smell xx

26 thoughts on “You’re doing okay”

  1. I love this. We worry about so much as parents about if we’re doing it all right or messing something up. But then I see my kiddo’s sweet little face and hear his little voice and it snaps me back to reality. I needed to see this and I’m so glad you wrote it ❤

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  2. Brilliant! This is so beautiful and real. You’re doing amazing and the fact that these thoughts pop into mind is evidence that you are doing great.

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  3. Absolutely right! I think we are all guilty of sometimes being too harsh in our assessment of the way we live our lives – dispense with the guilt and embrace the happy moments 🙂

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