Getting back out there
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Getting back out there

Well I guess it’s time to get back out there?

Yes? No? Maybe a bit?

I won’t pretend that I’m not perhaps a bit more cautious than many people about ending lockdown. I felt that the kids went back to school too early at the beginning of March. I felt we need to keep adapting to what was being asked of us.

When Boris the Numpty announced his roadmap, my friends all started messaging to plan a meal out on 12th April. I was the lone voice saying we should wait and see.

Facing another change

The thing is that I’ve got pretty comfortable with all the not going out and the staying home and never putting any effort into what I wear or say or do. I’ve got pretty (very) lazy.

It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate my friends. We’ve chatted daily on messenger for the last year, had zooms and been on distanced walks that I’ve really enjoyed.

But here’s a situation facing me where I need to adjust again. Time to be sociable again. No more excuses, pointing at numbers and risks. Things are genuinely much better, much safer for everyone. No more hiding now.

I need to step out of this lovely comforting nest with PJs and a soft blanket, home made G&Ts, multi-tasking binge watching TV shows and mucking around on insta and twitter. Best case scenario, at some point I’m going to have to put on skinny jeans and make up and leave the house after 6pm. Worst case, it’ll be high heels and dresses and an adventure away from our local town.

Time to get back out there

I have a feeling it’s going to be weird. I’ve forgotten how to do people. Even my lovely friends.

It’s going to be awkward and strange and uncomfortable.

But I’m going to do it!

I neeeeeed to do it. I can’t hide in my comfy quiet cave forever.

I’ll start with little steps. I’ll meet a friend for a walk during next week and another to take her toddler to the park soon after. Then, what next?

Maybe a small group for coffee? Then maybe a cocktail or two when it’s warm enough to sit out.

How amazing would it be, if we can re-acclimatise but stay sensible enough at the same time so that we might have some sort of 40th celebration in the summer?

Course it can’t be a barbecue, because the combination of himself, a special occasion and hot coals inevitably invokes the weather gods and brings pouring rain. (Evidence: our 30th, Le Mans 2018, a friend’s house-warming, and various other events engraved in out memories with visions if him cooking alone under a gazebo while everyone else sheltered, dry inside.)

How do you feel about getting back to socialising?

Love from Smell xx

35 thoughts on “Getting back out there”

  1. I’m ready for any type of socializing that can be done socially distant. I wish I was ready for more, but with an infant I’m just too worried about what would happen if she got it. But after being in quarantine for so long, I’m just happy to see people in the flesh, even if they’re 6 feet away from me.
    I think it’s really important to talk about it, and to see that there are still so many different comfort levels so we can respect each one. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. You are lucky honey, still lock-down is going here. I would say cases are more worst in this second wave. But happy to read you are gradually adapting the old normal. Yes you are right the only positive of this lock-down is that we can remain in our pj’s without worrying about getting dressed.

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  3. I’m holding off on socialising at least until it’s back indoors! I don’t know how people can sit a meal outside on a cold day! It might not be raining but sat there in a coat with the wind blowing does not make a pleasant experience!

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  4. I’ve become comfortable being at home and the kids out less. I’m not ready to go back to whatever normal is these days and my health isn’t either.I think it’s good to go at a bit of a slower pace until we feel comfortable in ourselves and the world around us xxx

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  5. I must admit I’m a lot like you. I’ve become so comfortable being at home and not going out as much, so it will take some time to get used to socialising again. I’m looking forward to being able to see friends and family freely, as I have missed those regular face-to-face interactions. Being able to go out for meals and dine indoors is what I’m most looking forward too. I’m not bothered about nights out at bars or anything like that x

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  6. I know exactly what you mean! I was pretty apprehensive about full-on socialising again as it has been so long so I’m taking it at my own pace xx

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  7. This post is right on time! I know I have mixed feelings about everything. I had mixed feelings about the lockdown, so this is no different. It is just change that makes it hard and when everyone has to change suddenly, that is even more difficult. I plan to slowly bring us back to ‘life out of the house’ as everything becomes more safe. Thanks for this post letting me know I am not alone in my quest.

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  8. I can completely relate to this! On top of people meeting up, I think I don’t get any sick leave in my job and I have to take a covid test weekly to go 🙃 but being social should really prioritise over work in the tapestry of life I guess? After all I’m at risk every time I go to work? Great read

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  9. I want to go back to a very different meaning of being social – as in, I want to see friends, but in a very educated manner. I had the virus, with very little effects on me thankfully, but I am not vaccinated yet, nor do I know when that will happen. It’s very much a grey area in terms of wanting to do and actually doing stuff, especially triggering for my social anxiety.

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  10. I have to admit I think I have forgotten how to be social if it doesn’t involve zoom and pyjama bottoms. I think it is going to take us a long time to get back into the swing of things but I am looking forward to it. This weekend I went to a non-essential shop for the first time since before Christmas and I had forgotten how lovely it was just to browse the aisles. I also went on a date night with my partner to a restaurant and it was so nice to do something out with the four walls of our house.

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  11. We are still in a lockdown here, so these questions haven’t really come up for me yet. I do know that it is going to be a major adjustment. As much as I miss being out in the world, I’ve gotten comfortable staying home. I miss my friends, but I’m not sure if I’m completely ready to get back out there. I think you have the right idea, take baby steps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  12. I can relate to this so much. America has really been backwards in dealing with this pandemic until recently. (Thank goodness). I find myself unsure of who to believe, how far to venture out, is my cold safe?…. etc. I will still be wearing a mask even though I’ve had both shots. Just until we learn more and to protect others.
    It’s wonderful to read and know I’m not alone in my hesitation.

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  13. I’m honestly a mix of nervous and excited to be finally seeing family properly, after being told for so long that staying at home is important.

    Love Boris the Numpty haha

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  14. Even though a bit apprehensive, I can’t wait until this body of mine will allow for days out and about. Life for me was already in an involuntary “lockdown” before rona. Love all of the comparisons you shared: ‘pj’s’ to ‘skinny jeans,’ etc. My hubs would probably fall over if I had on makeup, hair done (washed!) and wearing anything other than comfy frumps! Lol!! Sad, but true!🤪🤷🏼‍♀️ Hope you feel comfortable enough to get out soon to enjoy life… outside of pj-land! Hugs from across the pond.
    —terry xx

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  15. I will find this really hard, especially as I haven’t had the chance to get to know anyone since we moved to Slovenia, and I feel very much the foreigner. Continuing to hide in my cave feels rather tempting!

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