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My running playlist

While out running at the end of February, having a totally awesome run, just feeling fantastic and enjoying every step in the early spring sunshine, I reflected that the music I was listening to (and singing along to the choruses) had a huge effect on my enjoyment of the run.

Music while running

So, first off, let’s be a little bit sensible. I run on pavements and footpaths some of the time, but much of my local routes are on country lanes and back roads. I have a rule that if I’m on a single-track road, I take out at least one of my headphones, otherwise I can’t hear cars coming from behind. If I’m on a bit wider road, but not two lanes, I keep one headphone out – if a car approaches from in front I need to know whether its going to be able to pass me easily (because there’s no one coming from behind) or whether it would be good for me to jump in the verge and give the traffic a bit more room. Its pure safety, not all drivers are considerate. (Also, run on the right unless approaching a blind bend!)

Typically, I either listen to my beloved Radio 6Music on BBC Sounds or an Amazon Music playlist that I’ve been adding to for just over a year. I usually have BBC 6Music on at my desk while I’m working (not while the kids are home learning though and I really missed it), so when I find a new song I love, I just add it to the list. I’ve tried to keep it full of new (to me at least) artists (with the occasional exception) and generally upbeat.

My playlist

These are some of my favourite songs on my playlist, that really get my feet moving and my mood soaring so that I have a wonderful run.

Note: I used YouTube links for these rather than any particular music streaming service, that means there are annoying ads before the songs play but at least they’re accessible to everyone.

Hmm that got a lot longer than I intended, I just couldn’t leave any of them out!

How about you?

What do you listen to when you get some time alone? Whether its running or walking or working or just dancing round the house doing the cleaning?

I hope you decide to click on one of the artists above and discover something new.

Love from Smell xx

43 thoughts on “My running playlist”

  1. I do metal… thats why i will not know any of the songs listed🙂. Thank you for the follow. Ill do the same soon as i get some time off. Maybe even go through some of the songs on here

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  2. When we’re home I usually throw a record on so that’s when I hear all the classics (we have a ton of funk and soul haha) but when I have headphones on, I’m allll over the place! I appreciate the vast music at my finger tips wherever i go!

    On a run, I usually play all the songs I’d want to hear if I were out dancing. When I first started doing that back in college I would tell myself that if I sweat it out on a run, I wouldn’t on the dance floor hahaha
    Great post!

    xo Bri Cruz

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  3. I miss being able to run outdoors. I used to do that at times near the bay area but since the lockdowns began here, I haven’t been able to do that since it’s a ride away. I wish there were nearby parks I could go to to run.

    But in terms of playlist for workout, one of my go-to songs is Britney’s Work Bitch. Also a go to song for when I need motivation to work.

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  4. You have a great place to go for a run! It’s so beautiful and serene! How many miles is it?
    I don’t personally listen to any music when I go for a walk though I can see how music can help to calm and energize you to run faster.

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    1. 13km is about 8.5miles I think. I count in kms because the numbers are bigger so it feels like a greater achievement. 😁 I’ve done as far as 10 miles but lately life has been a bit more hectic and finding 2hrs to spend out there has been tricky.


  5. Some great tracks here. I have just started at the gym, I am using the bike currently and building up on the treadmill. I am no runner but I have to say my music choices really impact the speed in which I run… Well that and the treadmill speed!!!

    But some tracks really push me on x

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  6. I honestly have my headphones on for most of the day while I work and write and when I used to take transports too, I find it a great way to concentrate and keep company! Completely agree when I am walking on a road to take out one headphone to check for cars too! I must say I only know Eat,Sleep and Wake and Tusk from this playlist, so will check the rest x

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  7. Nice mix of music there smell, not heard of some of these so will definitely check them out.

    When the kids are at school and I’m cracking on with the housework is when I like to get some music on, I have a wide range in my Spotify playlist from nickelback to greenday, skindred and all sorts of other bands. Depends on mood too to what I listen to.

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  8. Cool playlist, I love Tilted and Little Fluffy Clouds. When I had my running phase, I found a song that was the perfect tempo for me to run in time to, and I’d play that on repeat until I found a website that tells you the bpm of songs so I downloaded loads more 🙂

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