My Instagram Favourites
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My Instagram Favourites

Instagram was something I knew nothing about when I started blogging. I’d been deliberately steering clear of it – all the chat about “insta perfect” lives really put me off. I thought I would end up looking at other people’s pictures and feel like I didn’t live up to some imagined standard. Facebook competitive parenting is bad enough, I didn’t think I needed Instagram too.

I even wrote in my first ever blog post that I didn’t “do” Instagram.

Well that changed. I joined Instagram in, I don’t really remember, maybe late 2019. Here’s the thing, I love it. I seem to have found this fabulous community of honest folks who aren’t staging 300 pictures to get something that looks magazine perfect. I’m sure some of them (us) do put a bit of preparation in, but by and large we’re just sharing our little world.

My account is @andsmellysocks.

So, to support my lovely Instagram community, I want to share some of my favourite accounts. If you don’t feature here, it doesn’t mean I don’t really appreciate you – these are just my absolute favourites.


Gem is a great example of an open and honest Instagram feed. She shares the truth of her family life and she’s so relatable.

I know I’ve got pictures that I’ve posted that are just like this. Its so nice to feel like there’s someone out there you have things in common with.



I found Riyah’s Instagram feed through a Facebook group for bloggers – who says those groups are purely self-serving? who say we can’t make real connections with the people we meet there?

Riyah’s posts are just super-positive. She makes me smile on a daily basis and shared fabulous optimistic messages about looking after ourselves – who doesn’t need those after a long hard day?



I don’t even know warrenarian’s real first name. I just love her smile, her strength, her openness. Nothing more to say.



OK, OK. I know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I love this Instagram account. I learn something every day. My current favourite is saperlipopette – I am SO going to throw that into conversation at work.



I have to forgive Dom for being a faster runner than me. Apart from that, his account is just another normal family doing normal stuff and not pretending to be anything its not. What’s not to like?!

Mrs S


I’m not sure how Mrs S and I came to encounter each other. What I do know is that we both have 2 boys, we both love gin, and we support each other. Life’s thrown us both curve balls, different balls but we’re both dealing with them with humour and positivity.



I live vicariously through Laura’s adventures setting up home in deepest darkest rural France. She’s essentially living my dream life with dogs cats, and chickens and a renovation, not to mention residency and learning the language.

Plus, some amazing scenery.



You didn’t seriously thing we’d make it through a shout out post without my mentioning running did you?

I love Naomi’s account, she’s just really encouraging and real about the struggles of running: motivation, time, sore bits, missing it. Plus her photos are gorgeous.

I’m going to end with a list of some other fabulous bada** mother runners:

Love from Smell xx

25 thoughts on “My Instagram Favourites”

  1. This is fab, and such a lovely way to give some of your favourites a shout-out! I’m not very good with Insta, and I’ve found it difficult growing much of a following. I always love checking out new content – I’ll bookmark this and go through all of the accounts as I don’t think I know any of them so thank you for sharing! x

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  2. I look at other bloggers and think ‘wow, look at their feeds’. I feel like mine is quite the mess in comparison. But like you, I want to keep everything I post as real and honest as possible. Also, who has time to take 300 of the same image just to get that perfect shot, then spend two hours jazzing it up… I certainly don’t! I’m jumping on now to give these accounts a follow.

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  3. Ooh, ooh! I love account shares. Looks like you have included a great group of Instagram people. I’ll have to follow a few myself. Such a fun post! You make me smile.

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