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You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II

I wrote a post a year ago with some symptoms of the running bug, but my case has become more severe so here are some new behaviours that might indicate affliction with the runner’s bug.

1. You thought you had all the gear, but discovered that many more things are needed.

2. You start reading books about running, asking for books about running, and tweeting the authors of books about running.

3. You’re really pleased that you have mesh running shoes, because they let the ice cold slush drain away from your feet so you can keep running even in melting snow.

4. Schools close because of COVID and you’re only allowed to exercise once a day, this is a disaster – walk the kids, run, or make the kids run?

5. You make the kids run or bike with you so you can get the miles in.

6. You plan to reorganise your home office to accommodate the treadmill so that you can exercise indoors on the lockdown days you need to go shopping.

7. RED January is a great idea.

8. You keep moving your own goal targets. 30min 5km to 28min to 25min.

9. You’ve lost count of the niggly injuries: blisters, sore toe nail, chafed waist, random welt on the back of a knee, who cares?

10. You Google how long a pair of running shoes is supposed to last, compare it to you far you’ve run in yours and examine their soles to see if you can get some new ones yet.

11. You join online running communities and engage with them.

12. You worry that your blog Insta might be a bit dominated by running posts and consider setting up a new account only for running stuff.

13. What do you mean a half marathon is a long way? Seems entirely reasonable to me.

14. You’re meant to be binge watching a TV show but you find yourself researching the best twin skin running socks instead.

For more about my running journey, have a read of these if you like:

Love from Smell xx

36 thoughts on “You know you’ve got the running bug when… Part II”

  1. This is really motivating! I’ve been wanting to get my running shoes on… once the weather was nice. Now that spring is finally coming I’m ready. Great post!!

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    1. Oh I’ve loved running in the cold, the snow not so much but I guess it depends where you are. I have a friend in Montreal who has grips for running in proper snow but I don’t think you’d catch me out in 3 feet of snow and minus 5°C


  2. I read this post and realised that I have got the running bug. I love reading books about run. I find there help give me good advice. Thank you for your post.

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  3. In my case substitute yarn for running shoes (ever since I caught the knitting bug). 😂 I miss the days when I could run 5km in 17 minutes- granted that was my race pace. Now I’d be lucky to do it at all. Locally we have a gorgeous half marathon in May with exceptional views. Might interest you when Covid is over if the bug gets worse and you start traveling for running. 🏃🏻‍♀️ Sounds like you’re making great progress! Btw I like your IG as it is, running posts included. Robin

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      1. Fantastic! I was young when I could run that fast. No hope of doing it at my current age!! The main thing is to enjoy it and take pleasure in progress no matter what stage we’re at.😊

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      1. Oh I have no idea I just know the shop recommended the shoes I’ve got for short distances. I’m only aiming at a half marathon tho. I just don’t know what I’m doing with shoes and don’t want to waste money getting something not right.

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  4. I’m an avid walker and love my home workouts but running has never appealed to me. I admire people who do it though. I work with several people who have ran the Boston Marathon (the company I work for is a sponsor and they choose people to run every year). I understand it’s a cool experience but it’s not on my bucket list.

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