Marley's Cards - a valentine's story
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Marley’s Cards: a valentine’s story

The wonderful Eric at The Thoughtful Beggar asked me to write this for Valentine’s day 2021.

Well, here was a turn up for the books. A bright sunny morning as spring was starting to think about kicking into action, breakfast was almost finished and Sam had run off to play with his Christmas Lego. Dad was having a lie in, so Mum and Marley sipped their coffees together (decaf for Marley, vanilla syrup all round).

“Muuuuum” started Marley, doing her best to seem relaxed and not very interested.

Mum’s something’s-going-on-here radar went straight to high alert, “Uh huh” she replied. Mum had learnt that returning one of Marley’s nonchalant conversation starters with deep interest would get her nowhere. She put her phone down, screen to the table, though so that Marley knew she was listening.

“Well Mum, there’s this thing at school.”

“Oh right?” Mum’s parental warning system alert level went up another level, this might require more coffee, she boiled the kettle again…

You can find the rest of the story over on The Thoughtful Beggar: Marley’s Cards along with many other lovely reflections on what love is and some stunning artwork.

13 thoughts on “Marley’s Cards: a valentine’s story”

      1. I read it all but couldn’t post on the site with the whole story. What a lovely and heartwarming story! Kids have such innocent and good hearts ♥️

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