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Here comes 2021

A year ago I wrote my first looking forward post to 2020. After the awful, disastrous year we had in 2019 I didn’t ask for much.

I’m not making resolutions – I just want 2020 to be less painful than 2019 please. Please.

And, well, 2020 was certainly a rollercoaster but it wasn’t as painful as 2019 was for us.

Of the many things learned from this past year, I know not to make resolutions or think about specific goals. Instead here are some general things I’d like from 2021, and a pipe dream.


I’m a creature of routine and I love predictability. OK, so I deal well with change too and I cope when things don’t go to plan. But for 2021, I’d love some stability. I don’t mind if that’s a stable state of lockdown or even home learning again – just so long as the world doesn’t change around us every week or two.

I suspect that’s way too much to hope for. We have Brexit on the horizon (whether there’s a deal or not) and that’s sure to bring huge disruption to our every day lives, there are rumours already and the panic mill is running a full speed; spreading fear of food shortages and gun battles at sea over fishing. We’ve already seen days-long queues at the ports with travel restrictions while we figure out what’s going on with a new strain of COVID.

The Dream

If I foolishly allow myself to dream of some key things I’d love to have happen in 2021, what would they be?

A proper holiday

We had a wonderful road-trip this year, but it wasn’t the big holiday we had planned around out 2019 holiday. I’d really love a two week trip to France, a proper nice campsite with a posh caravan or even a lodge and a pool, day trips and amazing food. Who knows if we’ll even be able to get over there? If we assume vaccinations go well and travel is even sensible, will we be able to leave this island to visit our European neighbours?

Alternatively, maybe we could splurge on a big all-inclusive hotel holiday somewhere exotic? We’ve never done that, ever.

A 40th party

2021 is a big year for himself and me. We’re hitting the big 40. Yeah yeah, 40 isn’t a big deal anymore but we’d originally hoped for a big party in 2020 – the in-between year of our 10th wedding anniversary and our 40th birthdays. Well that didn’t happen!

I’d love a re-run of our evening wedding reception; Ceilidh band, buffet supper, plenty of drinks and laughter with our family and friends. We’d hire a local village hall and invite all our family, tempt our old friends who came to our wedding and the new ones we’ve made since, everyone bringing their kids and dancing the night away. At the rate we’re going, maybe we’ll wait until our 50ths for that!


When I stopped working on Fridays in September 2019, the plan was that it would allow me to see more of my friends (as well as doing jobs and running). Working from home, as we now all know, is pretty lonely. Himself works with a great sociable bunch of people and I really wanted to spend some face to face time with the people I like. How amazing would it be in 2021, if that group of 4 or 5 mums was able to sit down in a coffee shop again for as long as we like, topping up our caffeine and eating cake and chatting for hours and hours?


More than any of those dreams, I want to be able to see my mum and dad, my grandmas, for himself to see his parents without it being a massive worry; a trip planned but insecure until the last moment, or cancelled early on when we realised it’s just not a good idea.

We have weekly phone calls and video chats, but its not the same as hugs and late night discussions eating cheese and biscuits and drinking wine or a family not(ParkRun).

Beyond those things, if we can all just stay healthy and alive until the world readjusts to coping with the COVID virus and resets its expectations of future follow ups, I’ll be happy.

The Blog

I refuse to plan or hope for anything for my blog. Its not something I set goals for. Its just my personal therapy, emptying my head and random thoughts into a safe place.

39 thoughts on “Here comes 2021”

  1. Such a refreshing and positive post to read, thank you for sharing. I hope you get to have your desired 40th birthday celebration, as that sounds like so much fun. I’m the same with my family; I want to see them and just hug them. I hope 2021 is happy and healthy, for you and your family. 😊

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  2. I could go for some of that stability, too. With the tier changes today, the uncertainty over vaccines, and everything else, it’s not a great start! Fingers crossed 2021 will be a little brighter and – my hope for the year – Covid-free! I absolutely think the big 4-0 should be celebrated and I really do hope you both get to do what you want for it and enjoy it! Wishing you and yours all the very best for the New Year 🎉

    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks Caz. I hope 2021 brings you some respite healthwise and less worry. There’s a lot of misinformation about the vaccines, I take the EMA and other professional health agencies’ experts assurances though. It just seems like it’ll be a long wait before we get vaccinated as we’re young and healthy – which is as it should be. I don’t want to be protected ahead of my grandma or my friend’s daughter with scarred lungs from pneumonia as an infant.

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  3. I’m like you in the sense that I do not set goals for my blog either. I want to keep my blog for fun, not an obligation! 2020 was certainly worse than 2019 for me, if I’m hoping we both have a better 2021. Hope you have a great year ahead of you! 🙃

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  4. I can really relate to this post. Stability is definitely something I crave in 2021 too. Things have changed so much and so regularly this year that it’s been hard to keep up sometimes! Although we have the vaccine roll out now, I expect the time frame of it to be a LOT longer than the government say. I think we just need to buckle our seatbelts and hope for a smoother and more stable year than 2020. I really hope you do get some of your dreams though, fingers crossed x

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    1. Yeah I’m thinking we might be vaccinated by next Christmas. Who knows when for the kids though as there’s been no testing for children yet so it’s not approved for them. I’m expecting home learning to return soon, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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