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My Favourite Christmas Posts 2020

I haven’t taken part in Blogmas this year, the organizational mountain required is just too intimidating. It looks so much fun though, so maybe next year you’ll find me planning Christmas advice in August… or maybe not.

Anyway, I would love to share some of the lovely Christmas posts I’ve read by other bloggers over the last couple of weeks. These are some of my total favourite people to read and, even better, some of their greatest posts. Its Christmas day tomorrow, so this is my gift to anyone reading and to these fabulous people in the blogging community.

Our 2020 Children’s Christmas Book Collection – The Doubting Thomas

Tom is braver and more organized than I am, he’s totally jumped on this blogmas horse and he’s riding it all the way to the finish line. Yeah, that analogy ran out quickly. Never mind (sorry Tom). Anyway, I loved Tom’s list of Christmas themed books for small children: 2020 Children’s Christmas Book Collection. Mog’s Christmas is a favourite here too and anything by Shirley Hughes is good in my book.

Festive Baking Round Up – Yorkie Not Just For Dads

Reading Eddie’s blog posts is like having a chat with a mate you’ve not seen for a while. He’s a mine of information, whether its cars or cakes. He must have spent ages gathering a mouth-watering selection of festive baking recipes which really get your taste buds tingling.

What’s on my Christmas mix-tape (oops, that’s playlist) – Boomer Eco Crusader

Michelle kicked off her Christmas playlist with Queen’s “Thank God its Christmas” and that was it, I fell for it in a second. I introduced the boys to it and small boy was smitten too, in fact I’ve just put it on while I’m writing this because I just can’t resist. Careful though, it you listen to her playlist you’ll get Whammed pretty quickly, although by now its probably too late anyway.

December Festivals Around the World – Life With Ktkinnes

I had a really really hard time choosing one of Katie’s posts to include here. She’s basically Mrs Christmas (don’t tell Mrs Claus) and one of the most cheerful, festive people you can hope to meet out into the blogosphere. Eventually, I decided to share December Festivals Around The World because, for me, Christmas is about considering our fellow humans around the globe – not just those with a shared religious or cultural heritage.

Christmas Collaborations Wrap Up – T.B.C

T.B.C is a trio of bloggers who ran a fantastic series of posts through the first two weeks of December 2020. I was totally honoured that they asked me to contribute, but I’m not sharing the post I wrote for them here. No, this is their wrap up post at the end of the series and I’m sharing it because it brought a massive lump to my throat.

We can set the world ablaze with gratitude, compassion and understanding.

What more could we desire for 2021 and the future, as we recover from the aftermath of 2020 and deal with whatever aftershocks are coming our way?

Christmas Cocktail Recipes – Beauty of Cafe 205

Yeah, we all know I love a cocktail. Catarina’s post has definitely contributed to my last-shop-before-Christmas list, a bit of decadence and self-indulgence are well in order this year. So, treat yourself (if not for Christmas, for new year’s) to a Christmas Cocktail.

Christmas Movie Bingo – Undaunted Adventure

Charley at Undaunted Adventure has shared a new way of discovering what to watch this festive season – Christmas Movie Bingo. Head on over to her blog and you can save her bingo sheet and start checking off the films as you watch them.

(I’ve only seen 12, so I think we’ll be having some sofa snuggles between now and the 25th).

All I Want for Christmas – Elly Elementary

Elly Elementary has some beautiful reflections on what she really wants this year. I’ve got to say that I agree wholeheartedly. Everything she hopes and wishes for would lead to greater happiness and fairness for everyone in our world.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas – Of A Glasgow Girl

We’ve done Christmas Eve boxes for four years now and they’re one of my favourite parts of Christmas. The children savour them because its just a few bits, and we enjoy getting the treats ready for Santa. Jordanne has some suggestions for great ways to spread the Christmas cheer a bit more with her Christmas Eve Box Ideas.

How to Stop Christmas Spending Spiralling out of Control – Yorkshire Dreamer

There’s a huge temptation, between all the feelings of self-deprivation, the desire to reward ourselves and the savings we might have made from doing nothing for half the year, to splurge. The Yorkshire Dreamer shares some great ways How to stop Christmas spending spiralling out of control.

50 Ways to Get into the Festive Spirit – This Brit’s Life

A lot of people started Christmas early this year, but I’ve been feeling distinctly un-festive. If you’re like me and you need a little kick in the first direction, maybe try a few of Gemma’s 50 ways to get into the festive spirit. Whether its decorating, baking, or dressing the part, maybe trying a few will help you feel a bit more christmassy.

Apple and Chocolate Empanadas – Curly Traveling Chef

We all love a foodie treat right? Especially over the holiday period when we’re relaxing our usual self-restraint and enjoying a few more naughty snacks. I love to discover new recipes and the lovely Heather doesn’t disappoint. Her recipe for Apple and Chocolate Empanadas looks totally delicious.

Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide – Mind. Beauty. Simplicity.

Its so easy for Christmas to descend into an exercise in acquisition and capitalism. We’re bombarded by adverts and images of happy families with piles of gifts. This Minimalism Holiday Gift Guide is a beautiful list of thoughtful gifts that don’t involve massive consumerism and waste.

7 Fun Activities to do During the Holidays – Sincere Mommy

If you’re staring down a couple of weeks at home with the kids as your family is spread out all over and your friends are all in bubbles with their families, like us, here are some great ideas for keeping busy – 7 Fun Activities To Do During The Holidays. Shyla has some fab ideas, we’ve already done a gingerbread house and large boy is plotting baking biscuits.

My Letter to Santa – The Okay Mommy

We’re all thinking it right? I don’t want anything material for Christmas this year, I just want all this to be OVER! Courtney has put her desire for a kinder world into words, in her Letter to Santa. If only the big man in red could grant all her wishes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all these bloggers and to anyone who happens to read this waffle…

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  1. I read this ‘waffle’, even though that’s absolutely not the word I’d use to describe it! What a great idea to share these – quite a few blogs & bloggers here I’ve not come across before so I’m just checking a few out now. Thanks for the recommendations.

    🎄🎄🎄 Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

    Caz xx

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