Silverstone campsite at sunset

An ode to my pyjamas

In the days before, when things weren’t strange

Pyjamas were bedtime attire,

Useful and needed for warmth in the dark

Keeping us cosy in the cold of the night.


But hiding indoors away from all people

In isolation, quiet and calmness or chaos

Grasping for connection and missing old faces,

We’ll take any comfort.


The rules for work are thrown out the window,

No more commutes or wearing our shoes,

Laptops are open past the end of the day

And children join meetings, asking for snacks.


After months of distance between

Our loved ones, our friends, our comrades

The days become cooler and nights are now cold.

We need our comforts even more than before.


So the time of pyjamas gets earlier still,

We climb into comfort as we enter the house.

From a year of privation and hardship

The softness and warmth bring the slightest relief,

The smallest of pleasures,

The sliver of light in the dark.

35 thoughts on “An ode to my pyjamas”

  1. This really sums up 2020 so well, doesn’t it? I always heard if you’re working from home, you should always make a point of getting dressed as if you were going out. However, this year I’ve embraced pyjamas, yoga pants and leggings to an extent that I never did before – and I don’t regret it one bit! When the entire world has been turned upside down, we have to embrace what comfort we can.

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  2. Beautiful writing! I love my pajamas too. You illustrated how much they have been a source of support this year eloquently!

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