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11 November 2020

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Today I’m remembering the fallen, the sacrifices, the efforts of those involved in and affected by war.

I’m remembering my Grandad who was in the Navy, at different times injured, sunk and stranded under fire.

I’m remembering my Gran who was a land girl far from home as a teenager.

I’m remembering my Grandma who worked in production of medicines at Boots.

I’m remembering my Grandpa who was an engineer and then on another continent learning to fly.

I’m remembering my great-uncles in the RAF and my great-grandparents breeding pigeons on their roof to feed their family. My great-aunts who died of Diphtheria during the Great War.

I’m thinking of all the privations our forebears withstood and how wars forced them to accept a new normal, abandoning the daily lives they’d always known.

And I’m thinking that we aren’t, I’m not, doing enough to fight against the injustices, poverty, disaster, and awful changes that are happening in our world.

At 11am, I’ll be silent along with everyone else and I’ll shed some tears.

19 thoughts on “Remembering”

  1. I too feel that “I’m not, doing enough to fight against the injustices, poverty, disaster, and awful changes that are happening in our world.” May God direct us to the role he’d have us fulfill!

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  2. Beautiful x

    I always remember going to my grandparents house and being shown some pictures of great-great uncles died in WW1, who up until then I was oblivious they even existed. I remember their ultimate sacrifice of life, so others could go on living.

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  3. Lovely post. I paused for a minute at 11:00 today to reflect. As we whine about 2020 and the loss of our “freedom”, let us never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have freedom to lose.

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  4. Well said, SS&GP. Considering what they sacrificed for us, sacrificing a few moments for remembrance and reflection each year is a small price to pay. May they never be forgotten.

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  5. Beautiful. I shall also be remembering those fallen, my wonderful great Grandfather who fought in the first world war and my Grandfather who fought in the second. Sad but very special day to honour those we love and many more x x

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