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Keep Up!

How to go for an autumnal walk with the kids in, well, a whole bunch of easy catch phrases.

Right, wellies on!

Do your coats up, don’t want to freeze.

Don’t run across the car park.

How can you need a wee? You went before we left.

Keep up with Dad please.

Watch where you’re going, don’t tread on the dog poo bag.

Don’t throw rocks at ducks.

No you can’t teleport back to the car.

Keep up with Dad please.

The dog is not going to chase you, just stay calm.

Aww come on, smile nicely, just one good photo please.

Yes splash in puddles but please don’t splash me.

Single file in this bit so other people have room.

Please, keep up with Dad.

Yes you can have a snack when we get halfway.

Yes, well, you’ll get wet feet if you splash in really big puddles.

Don’t hit your brother with the stick.

Go left here, no the other left.

Keep up with Dad please.

Aww look, the boys are holding hands.

Keep out of the way of the people on bikes please boys.

You’ve got sore feet? Well you’re far too big to piggy back.

The car’s just round the next corner. Or the one after. Or the next one. We’re nearly there.

Oh good, the snacks have kicked in.

Keep up with Dad, please. Pleeeease.

This wasn’t meant to be poetic but it kind of turned out that way. All real quotes from recent walks with the boys, mostly on 7th November 2020.

35 thoughts on “Keep Up!”

  1. Hi SS&GP. Fantastic! The rain is lashing down outside my window as I write this and, for some reason, that makes it easier for me to imagine Autumnal walks πŸ™‚ So many of your observations rang true with the words my own mum used to, optimistically, shout to me and my sister. And the thing is, they were enjoyable walks and they bring back fond memories. Thank you.

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  2. Some great quotes smell, and some that I remember for being a kid too. You missed one to go with the stick though- be careful or you’ll have someone’s eye out with that.

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  3. I hear you! Family walks can be challenging, but also fun. We had to pretend to be β€˜a train’ the other day by using sticks as β€˜coupling rods’ 🀣

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  4. Hahaha! This made me laugh and was all too relatable. I don’t have kids myself, but I take pride in being ‘that aunt’ that spends as much time with my nieces and nephews as possible. That being said, I think I’ve used AT LEAST half of those phrases myself during our many adventures lol

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