Caption "Lessons in Loss" above clouds low in the sky at sunset
Lessons in Loss

Lessons in Loss

I think about loss from time to time, as you probably know if you’re a regular reader over here. I’ve discussed recovery from loss of a baby and other people’s reactions. But, we don’t only struggle or grieve over the loss of a person – whether they were fully-formed or not. Sometimes loss is part of growing into the person we have become, sometimes it leaves us feeling like something’s fundamentally missing, sometimes we can’t remember what it was like before we lost whatever it was.

In this coming series of posts, I’ve asked some of my favourite blogging colleagues to write about a loss that they’ve experienced and how it affected them.

For myself, loss comes in all shapes and sizes. From a best friend who has moved on in her life and left me behind, to a favourite jumper shrunk in the wash by my mum 20 years ago, or from the 8 Monopoly cards that have disappeared somewhere in the house to baby boy3 who we didn’t get to keep. From each of those lost things, we readjust to accommodate the hole left behind and learn to allow life to keep flowing until we’re ready to take part in it again.

I’ll be posting discussions or experiences written by the bloggers who have become my friends. I started blogging while recovering from loss, and in doing so I’ve found some wonderful people. So thank you, lovely people in the ether, for helping me learn some lessons after my loss.

First up, Lovely Bill from A Silly Place with Lessons in Loss1: Y.

Number two, Tom from The Doubting Thomas with Lessons in Loss 2: Old Friendships.

Third up, Ingrid from Experiments in Fiction with Lessons in Loss 3: A Poem.

Fourth, T.B.C with Lessons in Loss 4: Rosary Beads.

The fifth post was from me, Lessons in Loss 5: Musical Interlude.

31 thoughts on “Lessons in Loss”

  1. Thank you for this series and I do look forward to it. I am currently re-grieving a loss of a BF that happened 22 years ago. It is interesting how grief comes and goes, and then can come back years later.

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      1. Awesome!! Sorry I just saw this post. I am working on getting my wordpress reader straightened out because I keep missing posts from some of my favorite bloggers 🙂 Looking forward to the next

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  2. Looking forward to this series. Loss does come in all shapes and sizes, and I believe it helps form us into a new and different person. Writing of different losses will be helpful to all of us in learning coping skills and positive outcomes from some losses. Great idea!

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  3. Looking forward to this Smell (if that’s the right term) and being able to feature. As you said, loss is experienced in so many different ways so nice to see some different perspectives.

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  4. This is such an important topic and one that you’ve handled and shared really well. Unfortunately, lots of us feel loss and it’s been something that has plighted many this year! I really hope this blog post helps those that need it!


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    1. The series will be varied, acknowledging how many different things can make us feel grief on any scale. I hope it will all end with a positive tone though, loss and grief are painful but personally I have been able to take something from it and grow.


  5. I look forward to reading more. I also started blogging due to grieving. I am writing a post right now that has had me in tears typing but I always hope that my heartbreak will help others.

    Such an important thing to talk about, we need to be more open about grief x

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