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A morsel of normality

So today I nibbled on a morsel of normality.

I went to the hairdressers.

I feel totally frivolous and self-centred and vain. Its selfish and way unnecessary, just going somewhere with other people is a risk to me and them and everyone’s families. I feel guilty and self-indulgent. I’m justifying it to myself as an act of support for a small local business.

I’ve been going to the nearest salon to our house for the last 3 or 4 years. My hairdresser is lovely, really friendly and full of good advice. Its so convenient too as I can walk there in 5 minutes, I used to hop onto their wifi and work on my laptop while my colour soaked in. Since dropping work on Fridays its been a lot simpler though.

I managed to time my last cut to just a week or two before lockdown started so I wasn’t as shaggy as I could have been. Nevertheless, I’ve got to the point of tying it back for the first time in ages. So when they announced they would be reopening I asked for a Friday appointment sometime towards the end of July.

Last week the salon shared their rules:

  • arrive on time (not early or late).
  • wait outside until asked to come in.
  • keep all belongings with you at all times.
  • bring your own reading material.
  • be mindful of others and keep a 2m distance.
  • rearrange your appointment if you feel unwell.
  • on arrival please wash or sanitise your hands and put on a mask.

I arrived on time and my hairdresser brought me straight in, I cleaned my hand and sat down to get my hair washed. None of the normal soft towels, instead a plastic apron and soft disposable sheet to tuck around my neck. She had a face shield and gloves that she changed straight after.

From there on in it felt like normal. Comforting and almost nostalgic. We chatted about lockdown and the virus, about my kids and her dad and new nephew. She put my hair back to how it’s meant to be and wow does it feel good.

I didn’t get my colour sorted today, I felt a bit over indulgent at the idea of spending 3 hours there, especially when I could be enjoying my day off with the boys on their last day of term. She said there have been lots of people coming in for a long pamper: cut, colour, nails, pedicure. I think its tricky for them though, as they can’t double up clients and cut someone else’s hair while the first person’s colour sets. She said they’ve been working longer hours to get through the same customers and there’s so much cleaning. I’m glad they’re being so careful and sensible.

The verdicts

I’m surprised at how good I feel just not having my hair shaggy and fluffy and sticking out in crazy directions. Its given me a real lift, which was very much needed.

My new haircut
Renewed hair, messed up by the wind of course!

Small boy

That’s just your normal hair back again.

Large boy

You didn’t get it dyed mum, you can see your hair’s going grey.


You don’t look like a bush anymore.

28 thoughts on “A morsel of normality”

  1. I say enjoy those morsels of normality. With proper social distancing, this is still possible! Love on yourself ❀️


  2. You definitely shouldn’t be feeling bad for getting it done, but I do know what you mean. On one hand I want to try and support local businesses but then on the other it feels like the last 4 months will have been for nothing – it’s tricky. Loving the hair though, looks great!

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  3. Thanks for sharing, I have not had mine done yet, as I’m waiting a month more till it feels a little quieter, as my hairdressers is a big high street chain, so it might be busy which might make me very anxious. My mum had her hair done this week, it was all fine with all the PPE in place.

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

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    1. I’d imagine the big chains need to take all the same precautions about how many people are in. Mind you my hairdresser said that they’d bought all the disposable gowns and neck capes, but then seen loads of other places using towels as usual.


  4. I had my hair cut last week, and couldn’t praise the hairdressers enough for their emphasis on cleanliness, and whilst I was nervous before going in, I was put completely at ease by the way they were handling the situation. Plus it was much needed and it did lift my spirits too πŸ™‚

    Love the quoted comments!


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  5. Looking good! I went to the hairdresser the first day she reopened. I was pretty much due for a cut before the shutdown so I was feeling very shaggy! It felt so good. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that we miss. I am lucky that my hairdresser runs a small salon from her house so it was just the two of us.

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  6. πŸ˜‚ Love himslef’s comment haha. It’s a sign that things are heading in the right direction. I always class having my haircut and a good shave as part of self care. You always feel slightly better after it and the social aspect of going and having it done. I bet you feel better after having your hair done though don’t you.

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