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Review: Bug Bingo

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Some lovely friends bought Bug Bingo for small boy for his fifth birthday. We’d first seen it in a National Trust gift shop and put it on his Amazon wishlist last autumn.

Its a totally gorgeous game. Physically, its tough and well made, the cards have weight to them and the board is foldable – like monopoly. Its really attractive too, the pictures are beautifully drawn with fine details. The labels are in all capitals which isn’t the best for new readers though. Small boy would be able to read “house fly”, but “HOUSE FLY” not so much.

The bingo cards have a tactile linen bag to store them in and draw them out of. Its a great extra touch; rather than turning them all face down. Another little bag to store the counters for covering the called bugs would have been even better. Also included in the box is a little booklet with the rules with a description of each mini beast, along with its Latin name. There are six bingo sheets so up to seven people can play.

Bug Bingo cards

The boys hadn’t heard of most of the insects but the pictures’ designs are thoughtful so that otherwise-similar bugs face in different directions to help make them recognisable. We played several games in just the first couple of days after opening the box. The bingo sheets have 25 squares and there are 64 insect cards, so with three players and a caller you easily get down to the last few cards before someone wins. Every time it was a close match with only one or two bugs separating everyone towards the end.

Bug Bingo master board with called bugs partly covered

Large boy (8)

It was alright, I enjoyed learning about new bugs, my favourite was the plague flea because it looks cool.

Small boy (5)

It was quite good, my favourite was the water bug.

We’ll definitely be taking it on holidays and playing it with all the grandparents.

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  1. My niece is loving bugs/nature at the moment – this would be a fab gift for her! For her birthday she got a kit where you get sent caterpillars in a pot and then you watch them turn into butterflies before releasing them.

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    1. There are no spiders, only insects. So your son would be quite safe. The little book with descriptions certainly makes it more interesting for older kids, as does the variety of bugs we’d never heard of.


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